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Hope you like the stamps - Miles to the rescue AGAIN! He's had this idea brewing in his head for quite some time and since I did not have any goodies left in my basket for you, he stepped in. We apologise for those of you who don't live in Canada or US - but who knows... if you made a request perhaps we might be able to accomodate?


(a gastronimic delight for the eye and tummy!)

We had a lovely day yesterday. Other than for some strange reason I was kind of snappy at times to my ever-so-patient husband. We had the first entirely sunny day since before I can remember and it made me industrious. Miles and I have figured out I must be solar powered. While he went to the gym for a workout, I did a practical workout at home - everything from chasing dust bunnies to dusting to laundry and on and on. It was a day to hang sheets outside in the fresh air to dry. It was a day for Miles to scrub the cinnamon heart stains off of the driveway from my Valentines day decorations... he he.

We drove to Penticton to have dinner and shop around. Miles bought me this amazing cookbook - Culina Mundi. Its filled with recipes from around the globe, featuring unique dishes from over 60 renowned chefs. Each recipe comes with interesting history of ingredients, beautiful photography and pictures which step you through each recipe. Normally this book would cost upwards of $80 USD new... we paid $18.99 CDN at a clearance store, still in it's wrapper. What a treat!

Thanks for all your stories about 'found' money - and related stuff...

Val j's Mother in Law keeps a jar used for 'found' money - buys a treat with it.

Saab, as a child found a wallet containing over $100 and did not receive a reward upon it's return (that sucks!)

Lucy did not find money, but once, while working as a hairdresser discovered a customer had left a $20 instead of what was intended to be a $1 tip - so she returned it to the customer! (some of our CDN dollar bills of different amounts does look sorta the same if your not careful to check!)

Elaine used to collect soda (pop, to us Canucks) bottles for extra money as kids. Boy, I sure remember doing THAT! I think thats why our ditches were so clean all of the time. Even now, there are one or two sort of 'professional' bottle collectors who bike around Osoyoos collecting bottles. They are actually worth something here. This is one thing Miles and I find very sad when we travel in Washington State, USA - the bottles are worth virtually nothing and we often notice the ditches are literally full of them... :(

Did you have chores or ways of making money as a kid? I remember the usual things like dishes, raking, folding laundry etc... I think if I recall correctly my allowance was something like 3 or 4 dollars per week....


I didn't tell you what Miles taught the other night for the workshop on Picasa. These are some of the cool features you can find in the program. This first one is the collage feature. You simply choose which pictures you would like to use for this look and then choose Collage and Picture Grid to create this type of a look.


Picasa easily allows you to create a contact sheet of the pictures you select. You again choose your photos, Collage and then Contact Sheet. The program automatically puts the folder name at the top, but if you saved this sheet and then took it back into the edits, you could easily crop the title off!


You can also create multi exposure effects in Picasa, using two or more photos. Again, you choose the photos you desire to use, choose Collage and then Multi Exposure from the drop-down menu. Yes, this program is FREE.


Spice is Nice!

Make the most of culinary herbs and spices.

Sandra Bowens is a dedicated foodie with twenty years experience in the food service business. She now works as a freelance cook and food writer in Washington, USA.

This website is a labor of love that allows her to ply both trades at the same time. All of the recipes are original creations developed over the years.
"I've worked in a variety of situations that have allowed me the freedom to experiment with different flavors and ideas," she says. "I've also had the opportunity to work with incredible chefs who have taken the time to show me a few of their secrets."
Her favorite job has been with the Colorado Spice Company where she sold herbs and spices to restaurants. At the warehouse she learned about the product and in kitchens all over the Denver area, she learned how they were used. "The best part of that job was when we opened a barrel of herbs. You can't imagine the delight of leaning into 50 pounds of dried dill, fresh from the producer, to inhale the aroma."



  1. This is such a cool element! Thanks so much.

  2. Good morning Barb and Miles:)
    Thank you soo much for the stamps.How cool!!:)
    I laughed at the part where Miles had to clean up the cinnamon hearts mess.LOL..My dh just laughed and shook his head when I read that to him.I think he said"figures".LOL It will definitly be a lasting memory for him I bet.hehe.:)
    Thanks for the link to "A pinch of" ...I put it in my favorites..will browse it more when I have a little more time.:)

    Have a fantastic day you two.:)


  3. Okay I tried to comment yesterday 3 different times but my family kept distracting me. First the frame was pretty and that stamp set is faboo! Thank you so much. That book looks neat and I can't believe what a steal you got on it!
    Now for my found money tale:
    As a kid I grew up at the pool (imagine that?) My mom being pool manager always gave me the best jobs. Like diving down to the 12 feet and cleaning leaves, hairballs and candy wrappers off the drains. Glamorous I know. Well one summer I found a dollar bill on the drain. Cool, someone must have stuck it in the pocket of their swim trunks and went swimming. The next week I then found a $5 bill on the drain. Awesome I thought. Then 2 weeks later you know what I found? A $20!! This was huge to my 11 year old self. My mom held it for 2 weeks to see if someone would claim it and then it was mine!Yeah! So I made a bonus of $26 that summer cleaning the drains I usually had to clean for free.

    Hugs to you and the Mr.,

  4. Hey.... these stamps are fantastic!!!!! Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you for for these great stamps & yesterday's awesome frame!
    Hope your having a great weekend!

  6. Oh - love these!! Can't wait to play!! :-) Thank you so much!!

  7. Oooh, that collage feature is pretty cool. Have not discovered it yet but will have a poke around when time allows.

    Nice that you got to enjoy yesterday's beautiful weather. I mourned it from my desk but have hopes of going out for photography this afternoon - tried this morning but it was anti-climatic.

    Maybe chat with you later!

  8. Thank you for these great stamps !

  9. Thank you for the freebie stamps.


  10. I really like the stamps. I've thought about playing with some of the 'extra' stamps from my stamp collection, but this will be much easier.

  11. Thanks for the picasa tips, I'll have to try this program out since you keep showing me all kinds of neat things it can do. Thanks for the stamps also. Im living in Germany & having a stamp from here would be awesome. Im sure the German ladies would love that too. Thanks again!

  12. The stamps are great - thank you so much!!!

  13. Hi Barb ((hugs)) So sorry I haven't been to visit in awhile. Nick and are both still sick and I have been doing the blog hopping party for Let's Scrap! ((hugs)) I miss chatting with my friend. Have you been to the thrift store recently? I love the stamps they are gorgeous - thank you Miles! He is just the sweetest!! The drivewat cracked me up!! That is something that would happen to me...did the cinnamon come out? I hope to catch up with you soon! Nick came in today and wanted to know if I was talking to his friend "Barb" :-)

  14. Love the stamps! What a wonderful idea!!! thanks for sharing!!!! Hugs!

  15. Thank you for the stamp element! I made a trip to Canada a few years ago (I'm from the U.S.) and have yet to do a scrapbook page on the trip...this stamp has inspired me to start that page :0)
    I enjoy reading your blog!


  16. Thanks for the nifty stamps! :)

  17. Thank you for the great stamps - they're so neat! I really enjoy reading your tips.

  18. Hello... I'm popping in... to say thank you for those lovely stamps but just as much to say hello... tell Miles those stamps are tre cool and may be I'll have to "send" a digi-letter from Canada to the US, lol... my puder seems to be giving me grief for some reason... may be its more tired than me... as if that were possible, lol... catch ya guys later... yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn (Thanks again!)

  19. Hi there again lady!
    I made a Lo using soem of your doodles. It's on my blog if you want to take a peek or post it yourself. Hugs and kisses!


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