Friday, February 16, 2007


(kitty picture by Stealth at Stock Xchange)

Eeeks - its SUNNY outside!

It has been gloomy and cloudy for weeks now - and this doubled with going through the flu means this wonderful sunny day - well it's like God throwing the light switch on after the long, dark night. My honey does not know this yet, but I am going to beg him to take me for a lenththly walk when he comes home in a while. He had planned to go to the gym for a workout but he WAS the one to tell me if I wrap my arms around him and gently ask anything, he could not refuse me. The gym is for those "ick" days, right?


I went for lunch out yesterday with my friend Bonnie. She is very adventurous and took me out to a restaurant which specializes in East Indian dishes. Now, my limited experience with East Indian has involved foods with an intense day-glo yellow color - intensely sweet and spicy things which didn't leave my taste buds with the impression they would be begging for more any time soon...


My taste buds have updated their opinion of these particular dishes! Bonnie introduced me to these two dishes. They were both intended as appetizers - can you imagine? Yes, they both involve deep fried 'stuff' so I may as well have just taken them and stuck them to my hips (Miles tells me) but they were sooooo good! I will definately be taking my hunny out to this place. It's called the Ambrosia restaurant, on main street, here in little old Osoyoos. The decor won't leave a lasting impression but the good food and friendly service will.


I wanted to 'chat' with you-all more too, about found money. I mentioned the other day that I found a 'toonie' (Canadian two dollar coin - I heard on the radio that the USA is going to make a third attempt to introduce a metal coin dollar again...) Yes, I found that toonie in the midst of a big empty lot - nothing there but old orchard tree stumps. It really gets your mind going... who dropped this coin? I know personally as a frugal thrift store shopper, a twoonie could never go missing without my knowledge!

But the thrill of finding it - is worth many times over the value of the actual coin. When I find money it sucks my into a black hole back to my childhood. I can feel the sunshine, see the sidewalk and I even feel like I'm wearing a print dress and flip-flops. It would be spring/summer and I would be around the age of 10 or so...

In a large family (6 brothers, 1 sister) found money was like pirate's booty! You suddenly became very popular when you found money, let me tell you. It was the bargaining chip to get brothers to even 'want' to have their stupid little sister around. Well, thats until I caught on to thier wily ways. It took a few times of falling for their ever so constuctive suggestions of what to spend my new treasure on (mostly candy) and their subsequent eating of a good portion of it to learn not to do that!

I once found a twenty dollar bill - at a far younger edge, as it still just barely tickles the edge of my memory. I remember showing it to my Gramma with great pride. She let my daddy know - that was a LOT of money way back when. My daddy took it and changed it for a safer and wiser one dollar bill for me.

But found money was 'funny money'... money besides your allowance or money your wonderful Aunts and Uncles blessed you with. Money to buy candy and pop and chips. Oh, and I could go on about those candies we had then and how much a dime, for example, could buy in those days. The possibilities seemed endless and your mind simply spun as you clutched the coins in your hand until it was all sweaty and you had the queen's face imprinted in your palm longer than the money lasted.

Even now, when Miles and I run, I find money very often. He's gotten over his amazement that I can even see coins in the dark. He used to be amazed and ask how on earth Idid this - but I'm sure its all the training I got with young, fresh eyes. My eyes trained themselves to look for the shape, the color the juxtapositin of the neat round shape, color against any other type of surface. They could spy the dull golden lustre of an old copper penny or the shiny glint of a tiny, newly minted dime against the dark soil, or even the winking light of the edge of a quarter in the pale tinted light of the streetlights in the evenings.

And what mostly was a problem to Miles was the fact that I used to literally 'stop on a dime' while running. Yes, we had some amazing pile-ups simply becuase I stopped immediately and directly in front of him in mid stride. Thank goodness he does not curse or my ears would long ago have curled up like dried mushrooms and fallen off...

Have you found money? Do you have childhood memories of finding money? Other treasures? I would love to here your story.


Dueteronomy 7:6

For you are a people holy to the LORD your God.
The LORD your God has chosen you
out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people,
his treasured possession.
For you are a people holy to the LORD your God.
The LORD your God has chosen you
out of all the peoples on the face of the earth
to be his people,
his treasured possession.

PSALM 36:7

How priceless is your unfailing love!
Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.

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  1. foods looks the kitten in the picture ..would lov eto get my hands on one..the frame is awesome..thanks Barb

  2. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    Thank you soo much for stopping by and leaving some encouragement for me.:) I am nursing a headache today and am feeling a little sorry for myself.LOL
    I stopped picking up the pennies a long time ago..mainly when my back started going out just from leaning over.LOL Now..dimes and quarters are another story.hehe.:)
    My MIL is just like you..she will see a coin when no one else does.She makes a game out of it.She has a jar that she keeps..just her "found money" in and when it gets full..she goes and buys something nice with it.The last time we were there..she had collected fifteen dollars and the jar was only about three fourths full.She even had some bills in it.:)Now don't get me wrong..they can go buy a car and pay cash for it and it wouldn't hurt them any..but that found money is like gold to her.:)Go figure.LOL But she came from a large family too and had to scrape to get means soo much to her now.:) on the other hand..give me a heating pad and a tylenol or two for this headache to ease and I would gladly give you my found money..which ain't much.LOL I usually ask my dh if he wants to pick it up and he isn't worth my back going out either.LOL We are just soo sad aren't we?LOL

    Have a fantastic rest of the day!!


  3. Guess what....I forgot to thank you for the wonderful wire frame.Sooo sorry...Thank you soo much..I love it!!

  4. Thank you for the wire frame...


  5. Barb, you have me addicted to reading your blog LOL, I haven't touched mine for over a week now. I am so going to update it this weekend. I'm so jealous seeing those picture of Indian food, my favourite food in the world. I'm licking my lips just looking at it. Hope you enjoyed your walk, nice to make the best of nice weather.

  6. Barb, Forgot to mention... When I was about 14 I found a wallet out on the street while playing. I took it to my Mum and we rang the owner (Looked the name up in the phonebook). They came to pick it up and didn't even say thankyou (it have $100.00 in it).But you have to smile for every person like this there are many more nice people who would have said Thank You.

  7. I love the story about the coins. When I was little we would earn extra money by going down the side of the roads pick up soda bottles. We would take them to the grocery store and get 2 cents per bottle. We were always thrilled with a few extra pennies to spend.

  8. The frame is so simple, but lovely. Thank You

  9. Very pretty frame; thank you!

  10. Hi Barb,
    I loved your coin story! Mine isn't so much as found money. I worked as a Hairstylist and recieved tips on several occasions normally I would stuff the bills in my pocket (then we had the dollar bill yet) and not look at the bill(s), but on this occasion I looked closer and under the $1 was a $20. I had to run down two flights of stairs to reach the lady and explain to her she over tipped me. She was very pleased to get her $20 back.

    I was just apprenticing at the time and the extra cash would of helped pay some bills but I knew I couldn't live with myself if I had kept the money.

    I love your frame, very delicate, not busy! Take care!

  11. Thanks so much for the cute frame and all your tidbits of info and tips! :)


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