Thursday, February 22, 2007


I created these sort of paper dolls for you... they can be whatever you want them to be, really. I thought you could cut and paste some of the clothing out of your own papers – to match your layouts. You might even want to 'cut' the print out of your child's photograph to put in the dress shape. Whatever works for you. I was even thinking, if you don't like the face I put in the doll, you might erase it and put your own child's face in it? I didn't put the skin color either – you can color her whatever nationality you would like this way.


Dolls Outline - Mrs Miles

Miss Mint Coordinated Kit – Playground Pop for ALL

elements and papers used in this layout other than:

Dress for Doll in blue – Amy W.'s Funky Papers Set
(slip over daily to Amy's for the latest download freebies!)

I'm very excited this morning as we are going out to our new house this morning, taking the very first 3 boxes of books with us. Miles has not been there for well over a month and I think he will be very surprised at how it's looking! I know, pictures, pictures – don't worry, my camera lives with me.

Miles took me for a walk on his lunchtime. I chose to go on a trail which follows the old water canal. In the golden olden days the water canal was almost a lifeline in these parts. It ran for many, many miles giving life to the orchards this region. It has long been defunct now, with modern irrigation systems far more efficient.

The old canal has character. In places it's broken into big cement pieces, and in other areas it remains intact for long stretches. Some places are cracked and some vigorous trees and tenacious weeds have grown through. There's tar baked on in scaly patterns where the canal had to be repaired in the past. Sometimes, the grapevines have stolen over orchard fences to grow in tangles into the bottom and up the sides. Other claw-like brush grow over the edge too, like bony skeleton hands, the wood all white and silvery.

I get sort of a melancholy sadness to see the demise of such an important part of our history. I used to think up ways it could have been preserved. My thoughts ran to the direction of filling it up in the summer for the triathalon participants to train in as Penticton hosts a world class one each year... then I thought in the winter – if it got good and cold like this one... ice could be laid and people could skate on it. Pretty good ideas anyhow...

Thanks for the nice comments about the poem featured yesterday – the one on Gossip... I am moved that you would enjoy it enough to share with others. Anything on my blog is meant to be enjoyed and shared, unless it says so otherwise!!!

I will leave you with another poem from the same book – its an old book but the sentiments are timeless:


There is something in your friendship
Very sweet for rainy days-
'Tis your thoughtfulness in finding,
What I like in little ways,
And of doing one by one,
Things that others leave undone.

There is something in your friendship
Sand and strong and glad and true,
Which makes better worth the doing
Everything I have to do,
And your friendly word and smile
Somehow helps make life worth while.

There is something in your friendship
Very rare to find, my friend,
'Tis unselfishness in giving
Without stint and without end;
So there is – at last I learn -
Love that asks for no return.

There is something in your friendship
That has stood the through many test,
Giving me a sense,
Of security and rest -
Friend of mine, my whole life through,
I'll be glad that I met you.

Author Unknown

Don't hold back good from those who
are worthy of it.
Don't hold back when you can help.


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  1. Barb, your "paper doll" kit is so CUTE! Thanks SO much for sharing!

  2. Okay how cute is that doll? I mean seriously the awesome things that pop out of your head astound and amaze me by turn. Thank you for using my paper and the not so subtle plug. :D I loved reading you views on the lod water canal, you truly see life thru all the possibilities and wonder that surround us and it makes me happy just to know you. The LO is totally cute too. I love all the little touches you used to make it so cute! Not to mention the sweeties photographed. Well take care!
    P.S. Oh and I can't wait to see photos of the new house!!

  3. These are sooo cute.I haven't used paper dolls in my scrapbooks yet..but you make me want to start doing so.:) Thank you soo much.
    I love the is so sweet.:) would be good.LOL.:)

    Have a fantastic day!

  4. Thank you for the paper dolls. Love your LO and the wonderful poem.

  5. this is so fun - THANK YOU!!

  6. Barb, I love the water tunnel pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Barb love the paper dolls ..Patty loved the picture and the girls thought it was neat to see them selves on your the friendship poem ....thanks for sharing it ...

  8. My friend - thank you for the wonderful coffee visit yesterday. Added even more enjoyment to my very enjoyable day off. And today, back to my work place, the fluffy bobble-headed pen you gave me brings me joy & smiled every time I use it. (I'm gluing googly eyes on it so I can give it a personality) :)

    Thanks for brightening my dull atmosphered day! Hope you're having fun at the new house today!

  9. Very cute paper doll - can't wait to use it! Thank you!

  10. Thanks so much for the fun paper doll download! What a creative idea, oh I loved your story about the found money. Thanks for sharing - Brooke (in Oregon)

  11. Thank you for the sweet goodie..
    Enjoyed the poem...


  12. Those dolls are so cute! Was one of my favorite game when I was a kid! Love Ya! Valerie

  13. Thanks, Barb-- this doll is cute. My granddaughter will have fun with this. Your new house sounds so exciting. Best of luck with it.

  14. Paper Dolls - Yippee! I love paper dolls. And on my granddaughter's pages - oh, how cute is that! Thank you Mrs. Miles for this lovely gift!

  15. Hi Barb ((hugs)) How are you? First 3 boxes - wahoo!!! It has begun! Are you EXCITED?? :-) I had my Cat Scan today.. so I should know results by Tuesday! Keep your fingers crossed for me
    :-) I love the doll!! How cute!

  16. Love the paper dolls. Will you be doing a boy version? I hope so!

  17. The paper dolls are very cute. Thank you. I wanted to share my layout that I made with your Just Chillin kit... - I was going to email but blogspot was acting funny. Thank you for all your gifts. I really liked using the icicles to make the alpha.

  18. The paper dolls are very cute. Thank you. I wanted to share my layout that I made with your Just Chillin kit... - I was going to email but blogspot was acting funny. Thank you for all your gifts. I really liked using the icicles to make the alpha.


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