Wednesday, February 14, 2007


(bonus ring created by Miles)

Well I'm feeling VERY loved today! Where can I even begin? Well, course the FIRSTEST big news is my BIG Valentines Surprise for my sweetie. I can finally reveal all! I have been dying to share with you... now I can!


All in all I am just tickled with how this year's surprise turned out. It took 30 sheets of paper to print out and I know thats a ton of ink, but worth every single penny of it! I am providing the link of the program as my handy tip today so you will be able to do this for someone special too!

Last year I used a different method and I was happy with the results – but thats because I did not know this program existed! Last year's was a bit on the pixelated side – sort of composed of dots, like a comic, really – but the link for this new program arrived in my email inbox just a day ago and I decided to give it a try.

The CARD itself, I created as a 12 x 12 inch layout so I can keep it for the future... I took and resized it as an 8 x 8 x 150 dpi jpg before uploading to the poster site and it took only a MINUTE for my resulting file to be ready for me as a PDF file!! I simply had to download it and print... simple as that!


I use a cardstock white paper – standard 8.5 x 11 inch size, which I pick up inexpensively at Walmart. When I print I've learned to do a test page first (when I choose print, I ask it to print page 1 of 1) to make sure its what I want. Then, I also make a list of the pages on a separate piece of paper and I then print every page separately in the manner that I did the test page. This does take a lot more time ... but there is an advantage to this... If you tell the computer to print the entire lot and something messes up on say page 15 of 30 then you have to deal with that... also, by doing it one page at a time I am not worried if I get interrupted by... the phone, door, life.... I don't have to be chained to the printer. I also use the time in between to tick off the pages on my pencilled list – and mark on the back of each printed page (with pencil) the page number for easy assembly later – in case they get mixed up!


So.. if you decide to do this fun fun thing for someone later on, you can benefit from a few things I've learned:

Forget trying to stick your poster to a metal garage door on a frigid day – until the sun comes up and dries it off!

Buy an inexpensive painting drop sheet so that you can cover your poster if its a rainy day and you want to hang it outside!

About the layout itself – I created the trophy element and I used the newspaper clipping generator on line to produce the newspaper article. If you don't know where that website is located you can simply type the words newspaper clipping generator into the little search box located on the top left of my blog – voila – blogger will take you to the entry where I featured that link as a handy hint!

So what other Valentines Day plans do we have? Unfortunately Miles works from 9 this morning until 8 tonight, so though we will have a romantic lunch, the evening is out. I did make him a special breakfast this morning of low-fat whole wheat raspberry pancakes with diet cool whip on top. I attempted to make the pancakes in heart shapes, but they kinda swell when you cook them and by the time they finished their puffing they resembled wonky circular shapes... oh well!!! This while parades of school kids and people wandered by ogling the BIG valentine outside our window! :) I have begged Miles NOT to even try to do something for me today as its soooo busy for him... instead he reluctantly agreed to take me out on Friday - when we can have a whole day to ourselves!

If this were not exciting enough - while listening to the Christian Radio Station (KMBI - link to the left) I caught a contest happening out of the corner of my ear and while flipping pancakes I managed to call in and win a CD! The station was featuring an article about singer Michael O'Brien who has just released a ROMANTIC cd and we were asked to call in and tell what plans we had for V-tines day! I was the first caller. You GOTTA go hear this talented singer. This is what he says about his album:

Mother’s Day 2004—and I heard those words that had so often inspired trepidation—“Heidi, I can’t wait to play a new song I wrote for you!” My stomach began to churn. Michael had just returned from a road trip, and I was looking forward to the day. What if I hate it? I thought. Michael will be hurt. I’ll feel guilty and our family time will be ruined with weirdness. I just don’t need this kind of pressure! Sensing my hesitancy, Michael said with an air of complete confidence, “Trust me. You are going to love it…I know you!” I sat down unconvinced as he grabbed his guitar and giggled like a kid on Christmas morning.

You can visit his website HERE


created by KRISTIN CB - link to left

Kristin included a sucker with each Valentine to Lily's schoolmates!

Valentines Mini Kit by Dani Mogsted FREE!

OK - and if this is not already ENOUGH good stuff for my Valentines day.... I have been recieveing loving comments in in my inbox all morning long - THANK YOU SO MUCH from whoever is responsible at LETS SCRAP for promoting my blog at your forum. I just became aware of this and I am so touched and flattered. I can't thank you enough!! I am coming to check out your site in detail when things die down around my household!

With this... I must go and prepare for my LUV - for our lunchtime date. I wish you all a Blessed Valentines Day. For those of you who may be alone, or suffering or not able to enjoy this day - I've said a prayer for God to fill that spot in your heart today.


Make Your Own Poster

This link will help you create Giant Greetings, just like the one I made. Its easy as 1,2.3.



  1. Wow what a Valentine's Surprise for Miles. Love it!
    I love your site! Thank you for sharing and for the freebies.


  2. Sharing the Love from Let's Scrap!

    Happy Valentines Day, dear one :)

  3. Hi, just passing by to share the love from Let's scrap. Already knew your blog but haven't been around for sometime... Glad to get back to your blogging. You did a nice job for this Valentine day. You'll have to let us know about your hubby reaction when he came back from the gym!

  4. love the tags ..and I know your man will just love it ..have a great lunch sis..HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

  5. Just hopping in and sharing the Love from Let's Scrap! really did do the best you could for your Valentine..he must have been surprised!

  6. What creativity!!!! Thank you for the gift. "Sharing the Love from Let's Scrap!"

  7. Such creativity...Thank youf or the gift. "Sharing the Love from Let's Scrap!"

  8. You did a beautiful job my friend! I did a drive by at lunch and honked! It looked great. So romantic! I'm sure he LOVED it!

    Lots of love floating around my office today too. Its fun!

    Hope you enjoyed your lunch date


  9. Hi Barb! I must confess it was me :-) ((hugs)) I hope you don't mind I added you to our "Share the Love" Blog hoppin party from my "Let's Scrap" forum that I belong to! They are such a great group of ladies!! So officially....I am here to "Share some Love" from Let's Scrap. unofficially (((Hugs)) to my friend!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. Happy Valentines Day again.:)

    Thanks for coming to see me.It let me know you posted your blog for today.LOL.And...what a blog !!! I love the card for Miles.:) Can't wait to find out how he reacted.:) this going to hang on the wall in your new house?hmmm?:)If he doesn't feel loved after this..there is just no hope for him.LOL
    My dh and I were going to go out to eat tonight but I am feeling under the weather.Bummers.My ears are itching and I am achy.Sure hope I didn't catch your cold.hehe We decided to let someone else do the cooking and we are ordering in Chinese instead.We have a place near us that delivers and they make the best "Pecan Honey Shrimp" you have ever tasted.mmmmm:)
    Thank you for telling us about these sites today.How cool!
    I am not a member of Let's Scrap..but thought I would jump on the band wagon and see where it took me.:)
    Have a fantastic day!!

  11. Love the Freebie! And ARENT YOu the SWEETEST person to show that much love for your Hubby!! What a wonderful person! :)

  12. I passed by to share the Love from Let's Scrap - and to see what you had planned for your beloved. It is sooooo great!!!
    Thanks a lot for the lovely tags.

  13. Another beautiful freebie! Thank you for being so generous all year long and for sharing your growing talents!!! You and your sweetie are so lucky to have each other and you put so much into keeping your love and your relationship fresh and real! I would wish you a Happy Valentine's Day...but I believe you are already creating a wonderful day for you and Miles. What a beautiful poster and a loving pathway to your home! Take care. Hugs... :)
    Barb, from sunny (and now snowy and COLD) Manitoba, CANADA

  14. I Love your Valentine's surprise for your DH, how very special he must feel. Thanks so much for sharing the newspaper generator, love this link.

  15. Oh that is such a cool thing you did! Thank you for popping into my blog today and also a Happy Valentine's day to you too! I belong to let's Scrap but I didn't get to hop today due to someon not napping so maybe tomorrow I can go around sharing some love. But You already know I love you so it's all good. Give the Mr. a big wet kiss from Emma(she was handing them out like candy today)and take one for yourself while you're at it.

  16. Thank you for the great tags. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  17. WOW girl, your Valentine is sure lucky to have such a big and public proclamation of love waiting for him when he gets home!

    I think you are just adorable :)

    And funny to boot!

  18. Thank you for all your goodies! You work is beautiful.


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