Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yes, it's very very strange to not post an element for you today - but I had to be wise. I am not superwoman and I simply could not do it for today. I even considered re-posting an old something, but then I decided to leave it be. I know you'll understand - though if there is something that you would care to see reposted, ever, thats not a problem.

It's time to start packing! Miles, speaking my love language, bought me not only the packing tape which I had on my list, but the dispenser as well. It's so fun! We were able to get boxes from our local Home Hardware store. They conveniently have one big metal container filled with clean, flattened cardboard boxes of every shape and size.


I'm not packing it all up in one day, just a box here and a box there. I'm going out to the house about once a week to help clean etc. and I will move things in bit by bit.


Books - both Miles and I love em. These will be the first to go. I'm trying to weed them out as we go along, but strangely I can count on my hands how many won't make the grade.

The other thing I'm soooo busy with is re-installing all my software on my comptuer... almost got it done at this point, and I'm also working hard to finish creating, printing and cutting the Title tags for the paintings in our local Art Gallery for the show opening, coming this week. This is a volunteer thing on my part and it sneaks up on me, even though I very well know when it is supposed to be...

So I'm leaving you now. Hopefully I will get to wrestle up some nice element for you in my downtime today. In the meantime you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for dropping in on my blog today.


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  1. I absolutely love your freebies everyday but you do deserve some time off! Don't feel bad, you do have a life besides us!! He He!
    You are the greatest! I apprecaite your blog so much! Thanks for all you do. Love Cy

  2. I absolutely love your freebies everyday but you do deserve time off! You are the greatest to share with us! I appreciate you blogas well! Love Cy

  3. Well shoot, you dont have to give out freebies all the time for us to read! Good luck w/ all the packing. Remember to not pack the book boxes too heavy. Have a great day!

  4. Oh Barb don't feel bad. We love the freebies but you're allowed to have a life. I'm glad Miles git you a new toy. Hope it all goes well with the moving process. I hate moving. If you need a freebie feel free to give out those papers I made. Take care sweetie!

  5. Sorry I have two comments. It told me the first one had an error so I rewrote another post. Sorry! Cy

  6. No need to apologize! You are so generous with freebies, great links and such inspirational messages. Hope your packing goes well, you get your software reinstalled and your tags done! Thanks so much for the stamp elements from yesterday and love the food timeline link you posted last week. Just getting a chance myself to check it out. Thanks again! BettyJoR

  7. you deserve a day off....thanks for the nutrition site ..it looks really good

  8. I just love to come to your blog and read the tidbits you put out. Thank you for all the interesting info...

  9. You go girl! Pack away! You are always so generous and giving...so take some time for yourself! (and your new house)

  10. Good Morning:)
    Are you having fun yet? LOL I wouldn't want to be anywhere near you with that tape dispenser in your hands.hehe.:)
    My dh was off Sunday and Monday and my dd was off yesterday..so to day I am playing catch up on the cleaning around here.I would soo much rather be packing.:) NOT!! LOL.
    What freebies??LOL JK.:)Thanks for all you do for us...we love reading your blog too you know.:)
    Have a fantastic day going through all those memories.:)



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