Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Hello All! I hope these doodles are ok - somehow, when I do my favorite thing - drawing, I feel like its not really work? I so admire what everyone else does - it looks so professional - this feels like something I would do in school when I was supposed to be doing schoolwork. Who knew it could be something worth while? I've long since forgotten the science at any rate!

I'm feeling somewhat better today (for now, anyhow) I managed to go out and help clean yesterday at the new house. It was a wonderful morning - Bonnie and I working side by side and chatting the whole morning away. It only felt like an hour, and all of a sudden it was lunch!


Something very funny happened at lunch - Bonnie's treat - thanks so much! I had taken our cell phone with me when I went to go cleaning, intending on calling Miles when I was finished. Because I didn't have a watch it was 11:30 when I looked and he has lunch at 11:20, so I did not call as I thought Miles was going to lunch with a workmate - so I figured I would call him when the lunch was over. Bonnie chose a table and got us seated at a table while I retrieved our meals and brought them.

As we sat and ate, a man in a business suit sat at the table next to us. While we were eating a cell phone rang... the business man checked his and put it away, letting it ring on. Boy, it sure rang. If that were not bad enough, just when our conversation got rolling along again, the cell phone rang again - and rang and rang. I was thinking this man should just shut that thing right off!

When Bonnie and I left, got in her vehicle and got settled, a phone rang again!!! Ah yes... he, he - forgot Miles gave me his cell phone. You got it - it was our cell phone ringing that entire time! See, we don't use it, normally. By this time Miles was 'quite concerned' not being able to reach me - his lunch date cancelled, he had tried to get ahold of me. In the end we ironed it out and it gave us a giggle.

Do you have a cell phone story you would like to share here?

This sickness has put me behind with my annual Valentines plan for my sweetie. I still need to make a trip downtown to get supplies. This will be the last year I can do a big display thing on our garage as we will be moving out of town for the next one, and no one would see it. I have something special worked out and will have to get busy.


The sun could cast an eternal shadow,

And the sea could run dry in but a chime;

The earth's axis could break

Like crystals fine.

Anything could happen! Death enswathing

Could cover me with it's mournful attire;

But in your love's flame

Could never expire.

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

When you and your loved one are going through a difficult time - if you are able mind the following suggestions which will see you through:

Bless and do not curse the one who is giving you a hard time.

Be empathic and understanding with your partner.

Live in harmony with your mate.

Do not think you are better than your partner.

Do not act proud; do not act concieted.

Do not repay evil with evil (even in the most petty detail)

Be careful to do what your partner considers to be right.

As far as it depends on you, live at peace in your marriage.

Never take revenge.

Consistantly do kind things for your partner, no matter what treatment you recieve.

Do not let yourself be overcome by evil. Instead, overcome evil with good!

How Bad Can it Be?
Extreme Advice Extreme situations call for extreme responses. If you're faced with an elephant stampede, motorcycle spinout, flash flood, or nuclear fallout, you need to know what to do FAST.


  1. The corset and boots are my favs! Thank you for the exquisite doodles!

  2. Cute doodles Barb. Thank you for sharing your talant with us.

  3. Cute doodles -- love the hat, especially! Thank you!

  4. Now Mrs. Miles... those hand drawn doodles are SOO cute! YOu and your husband looked lik you were having a great anniversary night! Congrats again.. and thanks for the freebie!!!!

  5. those cells phones..I always forget ..I have one ..Melissa was says grama your phone

  6. Really?!??!??!! I'm the first comment!?!??!! Wow! That's been a while! Lol. Well, I get to be the first to totally rave about your doodles... although I feel kinda funny saying doodle since these are much more something I would call a drawing then a doodle! Very beautiful and so pretty... I think these would be something you could turn into some cool papers too! :D I sent you a little something in the email by the way since I couldn't resist playing right away. And that is a pretty funny cell phone story and other than my sad story of going for a hike, taking my brand spanking new two day old cell phone with me through about three miles of beautiful wooded trails and then very briefly crossing over a road where everyone flies like a maniac then turn towards home.... only to discover I lost my phone! (sorry for the super run on sentence, or is that hike on sentence) So, I go back across the whole trail thinking its gotta be somewhere around there since I was kinda jogging and it probably fell out of my fanny pack but I can't find it. My fear is mounting the closer I get to the busy road... and I say a little prayer that it isn't there... because I don't have any phone insurance and its a two hundred dollar phone... soooo, where do I find it? Of course, on the busy road, in a million little pieces... with a tire mark going over the one part that's large enough to show such evidence! Ughhhhhh! That's it, end of story... not really that funny but kinda when you know life isn't really hinging on what happens to a cell phone. Sighhhhh. Thanks again for your lovely drawings and I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better! :D

  7. Ahhhhh, now I see five new comments all while I was typing my long, long come! Lol. :D

  8. Happy Anniversary Barb! Love the doodles, another popular doodle these days are frames or photo corners. Take care!

  9. Hiya Barb!
    It looks like you and Miles had a lovely anniversary, you looked stunning!! I love your doodles and they're supposed to look like solething you made while bored in History class. (I have no clue how I ever passed that one, chemistry either). Well I'm off to make some new goodies- TTYL!

  10. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I love your doodles.:) How cute!
    Thank you soo much for sharing them with me.:)
    It looks like you had a terrific time on your anniversary.If I didn't say it before..Happy Anniversary!!! I would ask how long..but I won't go there.LOL You wouldn't tell me anyway.:)
    Sure hope you get back to the "norm" real soon.This sickness must have really set you back.:(
    I went grocery shopping today.Had to fill my new pantry up.:)I should write a book."The exciting life and times of VJ".hehe..
    So...are you going to take progressive photos of your new house and the work you do on it??That would be interesting to keep up with.:)Before and after picks with descriptions of what you have accomplished??? hmmmmm??:)I for one would love to see it.:)

    Have a fantastic day!

  11. Great doodles! Thank you for sharing. I love to read about your adventures and your plans to make occasions special for your sweetie. Thanks again!

  12. Wow, I love these, they are fabulous. You are so talented and generous! Thank you for sharing. Also you look WONDERFUL in your anniversary pic.

  13. Barb! These are absolutely stunning! You are amazing! ((Hugs))

  14. Thanks for the cool doodles!


  15. Love the victorian doodles!!! They're great! Thank you so much!

  16. I love your doodles, the Vict orian ones, perfect!!!
    Thank you. :)


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