Thursday, February 15, 2007

(I created and used these for Miles Vday layout!)

He loved it.

When Miles came home from the gym to find the BIG valentines poster on the garage all he could say was 'Holy, Honey – you really went overboard this year' Though he pretended to be quite embarrassed he also got pink cheeked watching the parade of school children go by with Mum and point at the poster and candy trail.

The day was not great weather wise. It was overcast, grey but no rain fell until evening, thank goodness. There's always a wind for Valentines here – must be tradition by now – and I had to rescue my poster at one point and re tape it around the edges securely. Some of the balloons did not make it and I saw them down at the end of the block, nesting under tumble weeds later in the day.
Somebody stole one of my giant roses from beside his card :( - I created these myself last year and they were also the poles for our tarp for camping. Well, I pray whoever stole it made someones day!
I also want to mention I recieved a sweet Valentines parcel from my sister in law Judy - filled with goodies and love. Especially cute is the zip lock bags which have pink and red hearts all over!


stitches heart and crazy stitches by Tabby Lewis

I'm keeping this entry brief today as I am going for lunch with my friend Bonnie (pictured above) and I also would like to spend some quiet time today, in God's word. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back tomorrow! I also will be helping Miles tonight with the 3rd Photography Course night at the learning center.


Be Humbled!

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  1. I was admiring the trophy full of roses on Mile's layout.. Thanks!!!

    Love the link Also :)

    Have a Wonderful day! :)

  2. Aww - I knew he'd love it. Bummer about someone stealing a rose. I saw two roses still there at lunch time when I drove by.

    What a miserable day today is though. Cold, wind, rain - shiver shiver! Hope we get a nice weekend!

  3. Good Evening Barb:)
    Thank you for the award elements.:) How cool! What is not cool is that someone stole your wonderful rose.That's just wrong.:( at least have proof it was there and a whole lot of witnesses to the fact.:)
    Wish you had a pic of him when he saw what you had done.Bet he looked mighty handsome with his bashful pink cheeks.:)My Dh blushes too..I think it is soo cute.:)
    Thanks for coming by to see me today.I love your visits:)

    See ya tomorrow..stay warm.:)


  4. love the trophy ...I knew MIles would love your hard work ..awesome job ..Barb

  5. Hi Barb, Just pop back to see how your surprise went! So very nice of you to share your award winning elements with us. Hugs Sonia


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