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I hope you like today's tapes - my good friend Melissa Renfro suggested I coordinate with her launching her latest kit with a refreshing Pink Lemonade theme! This kit is the perfect cool enhancement for your summer layouts! I've added a hotlink to the Lemonade Preview, just a few lines down, and alternately you can visit Melissa (who promised to have a fresh journal entry) on her blog by clicking HERE.

I have to acknowledge blog reader SAHM who was the person to suggest yesterday's interesting website on shadow knitting - and her son, who is an avid baseball fan corrected me on a historical fact: it was not YESTERDAY but TODAY that is the first organized baseball game was played in NJ. Thanks for keeping me informed!


get yours at the store by clicking HERE

I invested a few hours in learning with Melissa yesterday - some exciting new techniques to try out on you all!


Do you know what a Saskatoon Berry is? They grow wild here, ripening - well, right about now! There are several trees where we live, so I took advantage of the mild weather to fill up a ziplock bag and try them out. My Grandmother used to pay us 50 cents for every ice cream pail we could pick and she turned them into the most amazing, delicious Saskatoon (Jam) Jelly which we smeared on the bread she was famous for, which kept her a pretty busy Gramma, considering there was eight of us kids! I believe she actually cooked the berries down and strained them and used the PEACH jam recipe from the Certo box. At any rate, its memory is indelibly etched on my toungue!

Saskatoons are not much to eat on their own. They are woody, with loads of big seeds inside. But to me, they are almost like tradition, so I eat them and pretend to enjoy them raw. But I have a desire to find the recipe which will transform them into something delicious without having to 'do jam' in the heat. I hunted on the internet yesterday and found a recipe for muffins, which I modified. It turned out pretty good, considering - even Miles ate a few, and he's not much for the berries. But I need to do some fine tweaking to the recipe and make some substitutions - then I will share with you all! At any rate, it was worth being outside for the our on the beautiful day & for the memories.

ALL MAN - but with a GREAT sense of humour!

Ok - I had to BEG to be allowed to publish this photo. I snuck this shot when my sweet MANLY husband was hosting a workshop with the Gifted Kids (brighter than avarage) in the school district. Part of his job is to work with the Gifted Kids, and I've helped him put on many challenging and interesting workshops over the past year. It's been a ton of fun and the kids really respond. We've had tremendous feedback from the children and from the parents - kids just love Miles! The hat, by the way, was provided by the Desert Center - its not his own (giggle!) ... there is a big hat box with all sorts of exotic, fun hats to 'play' in - cuz it can get HOT there - it's the Desert, y'know?

I mentioned yesterday that we had a young couple to our house on Sunday to do some pre-marital counselling. During their visit we shared from our own experience and I also read from a book - an excerpt from Love Life, by Ed Wheat MD. I'd like to share what I read, with you, too - as its good do even for ourselves! I may have published this before, but its valuable anytime:

NINE WAYS TO EDIFY (your spouse)

1. Make the irrevocable decision to never again be critical of your partner in word, thought or deed. This may sound like an impossibility, but it is not. It is simply a decision backed up by action until it becomes a habit you would not change if you could.

2. Study your partner. Become sensetive to the areas where your partner feels a lack and think of ways to build up your partner in those areas particularly.

3. Think every day of positive qualities and behaviour patterns you admire and appreciate in your mate.

4. Consistently verbalize praise and appreciation for your partner. Be genuine, be specific, be generous. You edify with the spoken word.

5. Recognize your partner's talents, abilities and accomplishments. Communicate your respect for the work he or she does.

6. Husband, show your wife publicly and privately how precious she is to you. And do not express admiration for another woman. This is never edifying to your wife. Keep your attention focuse on her!

7. Wife, show your husband that he is the most important person in your life - always. Seek his opinions and value his judgement.

8. Respond to each other physically and facially. The face is the most distinctive and expressive part of a person. Your mate wants to see you smile, eyes sparkling in response to him or her.

9. Always eshibit the greatest courtesy to each other. You should be VIP's in your own home!



"A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly"

Proverbs 18:24

Don't wait for your spouse to be the one to 'do the right thing' or make how you treat them conditonal on their behaviour - you might be waiting a long time. Instead, be the one to set the standard, make a change. Sometimes in the emotional tug - of - war it pays to be the one to give in.

I was browsing through some old magazines yesterday and was actaully shocked to find a column in a 1977 McCalls which was called "The Heinous-Husband Award"... well folks, that just struck me as horrible - lets not only try to think up the worst, embarassing thing our husband has done, and send it in to be published in a national magazine. Duh! (what if the tables were turned, ladies?)


Today in History:

0240 - BC Eratosthenes estimates circumference of earth

1586 - English colonists sailed from Roanoke Island NC

1756 - 146 English people imprisoned in Black Hole of Calcutta

1812 - US declares war on England

1846 - 1st baseball game-NY Nines 23 Knickerbockers 1 (Hoboken - NJ)

1862 - Slavery outlawed in US territories

1867 - Mexican Emperor Maximilian executed - Mexican republic restored

1875 - Formal opening of US Marine Hospital at Presidio

1910 - Father's Day celebrated for 1st time in Spokane Wash

1917 - After WW I King George V ordered members of British royal family to dispense with German titles & surnames They took the name Windsor

1931 - 1st photoelectric cell installed commercially West Haven Ct

1934 - Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created

1946 - 1st TV sports spectacular - Joe Louis vs Billy Conn

1947 - 1st plane to exceed 600 mph - Albert Boyd Muroc Ca

1955 - Mickey Mantle hits career HR # 100

1961 - US Supreme Court struck down a provision in Md's constitution requiring state office holders to belief in existence of God

1963 - Valentina Tereshkova 1st woman in space returns to earth

1977 - Pope Paul VI makes 19th-cent bishop John Neumann 1st US male saint

1981 - Boeing Coml Chinook two-rotor helicopter gets certified

1986 - Artificial heart recipient Murray P Haydon died in Louisville Ky


Grow it QUICK!

Though this would be an amazingly handy site for teachers, I thought it might be a great one for finding things to entertain youngsters in the summer - and at summer camps etc!

Join thousands of teachers worldwide who use Fast Plants® to bring science alive in their classrooms!

These petite, hardy, fast-growing plants whiz through an entire life cycle in about 40 days, making them ideal for inquiry-based science investigations and for learning about plant biology.



  1. Saskatoon berries. We were poor growing up and picked buckets full of those darn saskatoons. Mom would can them every which way. Not really my favorite, because of the seeds and tips ... and especially when you had to eat them most every day through the winter (not that much fresh fruit available through the winter in those days). They do have a unique flavor. My friend (Hebs) makes a blue berry pie and adds a few handfuls of saskatoons with very good results ... sort of enhances the flavor of the blueberries. Our own Saskatoons are still green. I took a neat picture of them just the other day ... I'll have to post it soon.

    Good tips on keeping the marriage healthy. Cute picture of the hubby by the way!

  2. TY so very much for these awesome tapes!!!

  3. Thank you for the lemonade tapes - so much fun! And that photo of your DH - ROFL! Got a chuckle out of the Heinous Husband in light of the how to edify your spouse list!

  4. Good Morning Barb:)
    Thanks for coming to see me this morning and for your wonderful comment.It's nice to sleep in once in a while.:)We sure are blessed to have terrific husbands who love us.:)I feel pampered all the time.:)
    Thank you for the new tape set.They are wonderful.:)
    Well..I had best get busy cleaning again.I got three loads of laundry done yesterday and some carpets swept... one of the bathrooms scoured..my dog bathed..right before cleaning the bathroom.Glad I thought of it before I cleaned.LOL Soooo not a bad days worth of work.:)There is more to do today..so I am outta here.LOL

    Have a wonderful day today.!

  5. AnonymousJune 19, 2007

    Thank you again!!--jsj

  6. thank you so very much, first for the cool tapes and second, third, fourth, fifth and so on... for EVERYTHING else! lol i LOVE the pix and stories and links and facts!! i soo enjoyed the pic of Miles, reminds me how my hubby told me once, that i was the first person he felt comfy enough with to 'act silly'. :D Have a BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL day! hugs! :)

  7. AnonymousJune 19, 2007

    Thank you for the lovely new tapes.

  8. I was wondering if you would mind sharing with your readers that we have a team search at Everyday Digital Scrapbooking - info here http://tinyurl.com/36hzge


  9. Lovely tapes ... and the Fast Plants I'll need to check out as we're homeschooling and my ever-loving baseball fan son has *no* patience for, uh, waiting ... though I have little patience too, so I guess he got that from me - LOL! :-) Thanks for your tips and freebies - enjoy visiting. :-)

  10. I've never heard of that type of berry never in Spain or in Ireland now. I guess is something just from America. Anyway they are now finding lots of healthy properties in berries and some foods of that kind, so they can be very healthy, and surely in muffins or jam, would be delicious. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing the tips for a good marriage, they can actually be apply with a bit of change to friendships or family relations. :)

    And many thanks for the tapes, they are very beautiful. :)

    Best wishes. :o)

  11. Love the husband-wife tips. Good reminders there! Thanks for sharing them.

    Saskatoon berries...yeah, I liked to eat them when I was a kid but it latter years I just picked them for the chickens. My hubby says his mom used to make a sask berry pie but I shudder to think of how CRUNCHY it would be with all those wretched seeds.

    See you tomorrow!


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