Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All Sports!

If you RIGHT CLICK on the download link, and choose the option "Open in New Window" you won't be taken away from my blog entry, rather you will be able to download the element and still read today's entry.

This is a HUGE learning curve for me, folks! Your requests pouring in with requests for new tapes - keep them coming! With each request I have to push my creative envelope to learn new techniques. I have made each graphic from scratch! I'm going to work my way thru the list - and I will try to credit each of you with your idea - though I will surely miss some of you. Just leave me a comment with your theme and I will add it. I would also love to post your layouts here, using my tapes or elements - Yes, Judy, yours will go up here soon!


Well, all my own ideas for blogging got shoved to the back this morning, in light of the FANTASTIC lightening storm we experienced first thing this morning. It began about 6 a.m. and lasted for about a good hour. Miles and I sat in the safety of our patio and watched it unfold all around us. We managed to capture it for you in photos and ...


Miles was busy with his little microtrak recorder while I was busy with the camera. Gina - this is specially for YOU... he captured the fury of the lightening and also the pattern of the rain on the roof. The recorder does an amazing job! We now have our 'ear' to the world, it's opened up an entire new soundscape on life! To hear this morning's storm, TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS and just click on the following links:



In the Thunder clip you can hear Miles say "That was a good one!" and I follow up with "It was a doozer!"


While we were sitting on the patio watching the storm, it occured to me that I felt safe - and its how I would describe being in God's protection. The world is a storm raging all around us, while we can rest in the safety of His embrace. It reminds me of His POWER and MAJESTY - if He is FOR us, how can anyone be against us, really?

1 SAMUEL 2:10

those who oppose the LORD will be shattered.

He will thunder against them from heaven;

the LORD will judge the ends of the earth.

"He will give strength to his king and exalt the horn of his anointed."

1 SAMUEL 12:18

Then Samuel called upon the LORD,

and that same day the LORD sent thunder and rain.

So all the people stood in awe of the LORD and of Samuel.

JOB 26:14

And these are but the outer fringe of his works;

how faint the whisper we hear of him!

Who then can understand the thunder of his power?"


I don't know 'bout you - but He's got me on my face!


Ok, so I run around all over the house unplugging almost every single appliance in our house. My grandmother, (bless your heart - how I miss you) - used to unplug at least her tv! Though it's never personally happened to me, I understand that an electrical storm can fry your appliances and computer equiptment in the blink of an eye - so its worth it! I did a bit of research on the internet to see if I'm just obsessive or if this holds merit, and I think I can safely say - unplug your stuff! Its well worth the few minutes investment of plugging and unplugging to keep your electronics safe! And if you don't take this advice, promise me you will at least not USE any equiptment during a storm? I care 'bout you!

Do you unplug your stuff? Or not - share with us!

Today in History:

1661 - Isaac Newton admitted as a student to Trinity College - Cambridge

1783 - Joseph & Jacques Montgolfier make 1st public balloon flight

1833 - Ada Lovelace (future 1st computer programmer) meets Charles Babbage

1875 - Pacific Stock Exchange formally opens

1917 - 10 million American men began registering for draft in WW I

1933 - US goes off gold standard

1940 - 1st synthetic rubber tire exhibited Akron Oh

1968 - Sen Robert F Kennedy assassinated in LA by Sirhan Sirhan

1972 - U.N. Conference on the Human Environment opens in Stockholm

1975 - Suez Canal reopens (after 6 Day War caused it to close)

1981 - TODAY/PC ran for 1st time


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  1. Good Morning Barb:)
    I was here dwnlding your fantastic tape and reading your blog when messenger let me know you had left a comment for me on my blog.:)Funny..that has happened several times with others too.LOL
    I love that you were able to put the sound of the rain and thunder on your blog for us to hear.:)Smarty pants.!!LOL
    I know you have probably heard about the King or someone asking a painter to paint him a picture of "Peace". He painted a terrible thunderstorm and a tree and then a nest with a bird asleep in it on one of the branches.:)The King said..that was perfect.:)It reminds me of that verse...yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..I will fear no evil..for thou art with me.Thy rod and thy staff..they comfort me:)Psalms 23
    Thank you so much for the fantastic comment you left for Christy and me.I thought the mermaid was soo pretty.:)I asked her if she went by a picture or anything..and she said no..it was just from her head.I like the way her brain works.:)
    Thanks for sharing your cool tapes with me.I love them!:)
    Oh..forgot..I unplug every thing I can reach.LOL My brother has had a couple of computers hit and had to replace them.It's better to do without them for a couple of hours instead of having to find the money to replace them.:)I can't reach the plug behind our tv..the entertainment center is in the way.Bummers.LOL
    Have a fantastic day!
    p.s. Did I forget anything?LOL

  2. AnonymousJune 05, 2007

    Thank you!! Love the tape elements series!!

  3. Oh how neat sports tape!!! TY so much Barb!

  4. Hey! Lovely rainy pictures .. very refreshing indeed! I have never unplugged my appliances but I always make sure the TV and computer are SHUT off! An electric storm CAN fry up your appliances. It happended to my brother In-Law -- the toaster got toasted!

  5. Great sports tapes. We're wrapping up son's baseball this week [hurrah!] so these'll come in handy - as I'm tired of scrapping using the "same old" stuff.

  6. awesome ..love the sound of the rain and thunder ...and yes the tapes to ....

  7. I love the baseball tape. My DD is in T-ball. Now if you just had a hot pink metallic bat...it would match hers. :) Thanks so much.


  8. having all boys, I especially love these sports ones! :-D thanks so much for all your sharing!!

  9. AnonymousJune 05, 2007

    Hi Mrs Miles, thanks again for another set of gorgeous tapes...perfect for the sports fans..Im lazy and dont ever do sports..yeah..and I love the pictures you posted..nice
    your tapes will be posted on my freebie list on my blog again...thanks for your great work..
    Hugs Silvia

  10. I would love some rain...I live in the desert!

    I haven't downloaded the tapes, because I haven't had time, but can you do one with bicycles or motorcycles in them? My 2-year old son is in love with 'bikes', which includes both! I saw the ones with the trains, and he always reads 'The Little Engine that Could' before bed...it's his 'choo choo' book.

  11. AnonymousJune 05, 2007

    Thanks so much for the sports theme tapes. The pictures you took were beautiful.

  12. LOVING the rain today. It started to gently rain around 5:00 (cuz I was already awake) and once the downpour started hubby & I cuddled up and watched & listened. Would have loved to stay cuddled up but a couple more days of work to go. You should have seen the ocean-size-puddles some of the streets have. Some bits have just washed away. Its amazing! No complaints here so far though, our dry land needs it so bad!

    Thanks so much for the photo op today. I am looking forward to our visit tomorrow. If its rainy, I guess we'll do indoor photography :)

  13. I'm loving these tapes - thank you so much! Can you do one with volleyballs? And yes, I pull plugs when we have thunderstorms.

  14. Thanks for the link to the cicada's singing yesterday. I thought I left a comment but it disappeared.

    Lucky you to have a thunder storm. Love them but we haven't had one yet! It's been cloudy for 2 1/2 days with hardly any rain ... by our house anyway. We NEED the rain. AND, I thought it was way cool how you could record those sounds AND put them up on your blog. Kinda cute with your voices added in.

    Gotta go and tackle that quilt again. Sigh. One day I may actually learn how!!!

  15. AnonymousJune 05, 2007

    Thanks for the pretty tape!!

  16. Hey there Barb! I just had an idea for your tapes and had to log on to share it... what about making a whole series of alphabet letter tapes? Then I could use them as a fun accent and make words and monograms :)

  17. AnonymousJune 05, 2007

    All these tapes are so neat - thank you!

  18. AnonymousJune 05, 2007

    Thank you for the sport theme tapes, I'll sure to send Val over form Pen to pick them up....I too unplug our appliances during a storm, a storm can wipe out the whole house, you can also purchase a surge portector for the fuse box if your not home and have many storms you can be potected even when you're away....Take care Barb....Lucy

  19. AnonymousJune 06, 2007

    I love your tapes and have downloaded them all. So far the sports are my favorites. As an elementary school teacher I would love some school related tapes. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing :)

  20. Thanks for sharing all the tapes. Since, you're kind of looking for ideas... how 'bout one about pets? Dogs and cats? That would be great!


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