Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Read'n and Run'n and a Post a Day!

I've been missing my friend JanMary because she's not been blogging for a while.  Life gets busy and I personally think (and talked to some of you about this) there's been a dropoff of blog readers and bloggers since Facebook came along.  However, I did lament to JanMary her lack of new fodder and so we made a deal where we will try to blog at least ONCE a day between now and Christmas.  Even if its one photo and a thought.  Want to take the challenge too? 

So here's my random thought for the day:

Ok, perhaps I don't want you to answer that.  On the other hand I'll be the first to admit I'm not normal. 

But people are really surprised by my workout habits.  Thing is, I like to read while I run.  Yes, while I run, not walk.  Oh it is a bit tricky at times I admit.  For one thing - when the book is too fat to fit into the skinny little shelf provided on the machine, and when it has to balance on the edge of it, it does move around some.  It generally travels to the left a bit but I've learned to tap it over (if you're from my decade you might think of when we had to hit the carriage return on a typewriter every line) 

The other problem is turning pages and securing them down so the book does not try to close itself.  I've solved that little issue in two ways.  Either I use a looooong elastic and place it over the margin on the left side pages, or I use one of these little clips.  And yes, I have to pick the book up between each page, flip the page and secure it and that takes a little co-ordination.  Another thing I try to do is take books out from the LARGE PRINT area of the library.  I've discovered the books are not all oldies like Zane Grey etc, but they are a lot easier to read when one is bouncing along! 

It makes the time go so much faster - I look forward to my workout times, its a treat. 

I'll just bet some of you are wondering why I don't just listen to an audiobook instead?  Well, I like to listen to good fast music all the while!  I don't particularly like watching tv - we hardly ever do, 'cept the news. 

Do you ever read and work out? 


  1. Good evening Barb:)
    WOW a post a day? AND photo??? You sure you have room on that plate of yours?LOL
    How about I post more often..and not necessarily once a day? hehe
    I get motion sickness if I try to read and move at the same time.I guess it could cause me to lose weight if I was to get nauseated bad enough.LORL I can't look down in the car and read or I get nauseated too.So..I think I will stick to listening to stuff while working out.:)Whatever works..right?:)
    It's gonna be fun keeping up with your pace until Christmas.:) Run some for me!!

    Huge hugs and lots of love,

  2. Reading while working out would require that you actually work out.

    No, I don't think you're an oddity my friend. Well, maybe a little ;)

  3. Can I post twice in one day to catch up?

  4. Ok, I don´t think I could do that, run and read at the same time. Actually I can´t even run....(hurts my bones). But you go girl! Good for you.
    No posting every day for me. Tomorrow we go to pick up Marisa and then life will be busy. But I´ll enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Now that sounds like an accident just waiting to happen!


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