Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Relaxing Evening

Full tummy - yawn!

-- Post From My iPhone


  1. Hello sweetness!

    Just a quick stop to say, "I'm alive, I'm alive"! Thank you for coming to visit and I've wanted to get over here and congratulate you on re-entering Scrapland as a digital designer and wish you great success dear friend!

    WHOA! You are one hawt Mama in your early Christmas "blush" gift girlie! Nothing to be shy about love!

    Well, I'm still not completely sorted technically, but am hanging in there until I am able to complete my mission! One of my greatest gifts, sheer determination for which I am ever thankful lest I spend the majority of my time pulling my hair out ... he, he ...!

    I learn SO much in times like these and I cannot put a price tag on that. No way. No how!

    Wishing you and your mister a bright and beautiful Christmas and may your home always be filled with the greatest gifts; love, joy and laughter ... and, of course, each other! :D

    Love and hugs,
    Linda :D

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    Awww....it looks soo COZY and CUTE.:)Don't you just LOVE turning on the soft lights during the evening or even during the day when it is cold and dreary outside? I have CHRISTmas lights strung around the living room and we turn them on during these times.:) I LOVE sitting there with a hot cocoa or tea and watching the lights on the CHRISTmas tree blinking.:)
    I have a bear similar to yours too.I will have to post a pic too!!:)Well...maybe...if I remember.hehe
    Have a wonderful day my friend!!

    Merry CHRISTmas!!

    Huge hugs and lots of love!


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