Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happiness is

I didn't think to take a photo until after I'd added some chili hot-sauce and eaten one of the MONSTER won-tons.   There's this tiny Chinese bakery/restaurant in town, not a cookie-cutter chain restaurant, where they make this incredible soup.  The won-tons are filled with a fresh filling, so soft and delicious.  The final touch are leaves of Chinese cabbage or kale.  We had no clue this was available until recently, now its winning us over.  And its less than you'd pay for a combo meal at McD's,


  1. Good evening Barb:)
    Your soup looks delicious.We LOVE Chinese food and when we find a place where they do an excellent job..they have won us over!!:)

    Huge hugs,

  2. Ohhhh ... definitely looks delish!

  3. what you did not call me for dinner ...looks good you will have to take me there ..yummmieeeee



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