Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Lucky Find!

When I visited the MCC Thrift Store in Abbotsford recently, I was delighted to find the following book:

The paper inside looks like this:

I've not seen paper like this - its unique and feels wonderful.  The book features basic Wok Recipes, with just a few ingredients and the hand drawn illustrations are fabulous. (which I can't obviously show you without breaking copyright laws)  The thing is, we loaned this cookbook out at some point and it never came back.  We did not think to write down who we loaned it to and so could not ask for it to be returned.  I hope whoever has it has enjoyed it. 

So when I came across it at the thrift store I was delighted.  Have you loaned out books that did not come home?  Do you keep a list of who you've leant to? 

PS - there are some pretty oooh-lala snow photos on my sister's blog!


  1. Yes, I loaned "Sons of Africa" out. Didn't get it back so ordered used copy on line. Loaned 2nd book after I read it again and it has not come back home -or maybe I just thought it's home was to be with me. It's worth another used book search. Good books like to travel! Karen

  2. Good morning Barb:)
    WHoo hooo!! So happy you found this book!!:) You can find all kinds of things like that in the thrift stores! Older books etc.Have you used any of the recipes in it yet?
    I have loaned things to friends and family and yes..they forgot to return them..but sometimes I think it may be because they forgot who gave it to them??? Best thing is to make sure you put.."this book belongs to ...." and your name.:)If you did that and it wasn't returned..then most likely it is on a shelf in their home wishing you would come get it and take it back home.LOL Any have another and that is wonderful!!:)
    Happy New Year my friend.Hope it's everything and more that you hope it will be!!:)

    Huge hugs,

  3. Rice paper perhaps? I rarely lend books, when I do is not alot so I tend to remember. I can't wait to see some of the pictures of all the amazing wok dinners you create.


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