Wednesday, February 18, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day


This pretty little lady lives in the thrift store.  I went looking with my camera’s eye, playing “I spy”.  Only managed two snaps in there today.  This maudlin gal was tucked underneath a shelf.  She’s only a few inches tall and one could have passed her by.  I’m so glad she’s captured here for you to admire as well.  I’ll whisper a little hello in her ear for you for as long as she stays.




Even a simple container of forks makes for a photo for thought.  I think of a “Fork in the road”.  I think of untying knots in runners when I was a child.  I indeed was a “knotty child”.  I think of my Grandmother and my Mother in Law pricking the bottoms of pastry shells for blind baking.  I think of spaghetti all twirled up and ready to smutch me with tomato sauce. 

What do you think of?


And, just for thought – what a difference (less than) a month can make:


Feb 17 2015 10-Barb Derksen

February 17 2014

Jan 22 FF1

January 22 2014

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  1. I would be very confused if I thought of a fork in the road with that pic.LOL I think you used most of the ones I could think of. I do remember using a fork to untie knots.:) I also use a fork to test a steak for how done it is. Also..use it as an egg beater when one isn't handy.! Press one into peanut butter cookies before baking as a design. Make tiny bows using one.:)

    I have actually done this using really thin ribbon.:)

    I like the top weather pic more than the bottom. I am sitting here with cold feet..and not because I don't want to do something.LOL

    Love and hugs,


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