Tuesday, February 17, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day

Feb 17 2015 1-Barb Derksen

Ode to an Orchard

Feb 17 2015 2-Barb Derksen

Even in this unexpected early spring

Such delight the warmth can bring

An apple shell, sun-baked within

A bit of spring baked in it’s skin.

Feb 17 2015 3-Barb Derksen

This wizened fruit

As it ferments inside

Gently cooking just-thawed pulp

Feb 17 2015 5-Barb Derksen

Such beauty comes

From back-lit sun

Shining through aged wrinkled skin

Feb 17 2015 6-Barb Derksen

A colorful trio

at the base of a tree-oh!

Feb 17 2015 7-Barb Derksen

Awakes the child in me

I could not let it be

I simply had to make

Sun baked applesauce for free.


There is beauty all around.  I’m often asked where I get my inspiration for photography and I can only suggest that wherever you find yourself be sure to have your camera with you and just look harder.  Stand still and wait a little.  Our eyes never get the opportunity to just explore without our bodies marching them away from things that are often right in front of us. 

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