Sunday, February 15, 2015

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fuzzy wuzzy

A Fuzzy-Wuzzy! 

It wasn’t moving very much, but even my Mr confirmed that in his esteemed opinion it was alive.  It IS February… makes sense the poor thing is confused to be out and about. 

Feb 15 2015 2

Our walk was just at the end of the sunlight for the day, the shadows bringing out the blue in the ponds along the way. 

My Mr did NOT want to go my route, but he caved.  Did not help that he had to make a pit-stop along the trail and being its pretty exposed he had to seek privacy.  This meant he had to battle burrs and twigs and such.  He was not impressed. Nawp.  Then he stepped in a bit of dog stuff.  So he could only say this to my question of if there were ANYthing redeeming about our little jaunt on my route and he said the most he could muster that was in any way positive was “I enjoyed the bit of sunshine”


Feb 15 2015

Meanwhile I was like all la-la and happy and noticed the coolest stuff.  Like these willows weeping in the whippedy wind.



And I coo-ed at this fella and its mate for a little bit while Mr once again waited for me.



Having to stop and snap snaps of things I’ve snapped a hunnert times before, you know.  Sigh for Mr, I can see why taking me for a jaunt can be a bit of a trial.

I hope you enjoyed all the bits I captured along the way!


  1. Hi Barb! I loved all your pics!!! The fuzzy wuzzy brought back many memories. I don't if it is the same type of fuzzy wuzzy that we have down south or not, but it sure looks the same. I stepped on one when I was child and it felt like stepping on a hundred burning needles. It was as painful as a hornet sting. It was really painful and my foot swelled up to double in size. It was painful, and your pic helped me remember that. hahahahaha I loved them all! Have a blessed week!!! hugs, patty

  2. wow awesome picture the last one is that a hiding sasquatch...


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