Friday, February 06, 2015

365 Photo of the Day

Yeah, this would cause me concern. Would it you?  

We can certainly visualize the possibility of what could happen, right?

Thursday when I walked along the highway 5 out of a succession of 7 cars had drivers who were texting.  Do we not visualize the danger of that in the same way or what?  


  1. I do NOT like it when someone is texting while driving!! It's like they can't wait one minute to see who is texting them and what they are saying and then they feel they have to send a text right back. Plus...the other day the light turned green and a car next to us (we were waiting for the turning lane arrow) sat there for a minute or two and got honked at before they moved on. I could see road rage happening in my minds eye for the people behind who missed the light because of the delay.:)

  2. I have seen two cyclists riding without hand and texting in as many days as I was walking. People just don't get it. Love the pic.


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