Tuesday, February 03, 2015

365 Photo(s) of the Day

teeth clean

Uh, yeah! 

I had a dentist appointment today, just a teeth cleaning.  I admit to being grumbly about the fact, until I flipped that thought and pondered how very very fortunate I am to be able to have a good dentist and a plan which covers most of the cost. Do you ever find yourself doing this?  Grumbling about something only to be brought up short in your mind by the realization that you are blessed? 


no thru road

After sitting in the dentist chair for a goodly hour (even though personally I find dentist chairs to be VERY relaxing – until the drill part comes in when that needs to be done – and double relaxing when they put that heavy weighted vest on you to take x-rays)  Seriously I could sleep all day under that weighted vest. 


After that restful experience I needed to get my steps in for the day so I waited until I was allowed to eat and afterward went out to see what I could see.  I liked this crackly sign.  I am glad it was posted so we don’t waste steps if a road just ends.  I’m sure the people living on a road like that appreciate it too so they don’t get people driving in all the time.  The sign looks cool, right?


Children at Play

And why is this always the case? 

CHILDREN at play. 

I get that adults might not run out onto the road suddenly like kids might, but unfortunately I’m betting that most of us as adults don’t create danger by playing… on the road or anywhere else.  Sad, really.  Most adults are working, or watching tv, playing on devices, running kids to and from activities but for sure not playing. 

When, for example, was the last time it rained and you got all excited and ran out and jumped in puddles? 

Just saying.


Oliver overview

I went round several roads and then saw a trail going waayyyy up onto the hills.  I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t go all the way up to the top because I hadn’t come prepared and hadn’t let anyone know I would be doing that.  For sure had I gone I’d have got myself in some situation or other. 

I did go far enough up to get a nice overview of Oliver, BC.  I covered quite a bit of ground and saw some interesting things today.



And what nicer thing to do that bake a fragrant apple pie to finish a lovely day off?  I still had apples stored up and I tossed them with fresh ginger, Watkins Rum flavoring, Watkins Caramel flavoring, went light on the (brown) sugar, pinch of salt and bit of flour and topped it off with a generous amount of grated real butter.  Enclosed within a flaky pastry… well, all I can say is if you could only smell that. 

Enough torture.  I’ll sign off till tomorrow.  Thanks for popping in.


  1. I do NOT like going to the Dentist.. even when it's mostly paid for. LOL I would rather have a slice of your GORGEOUS apple pie.:)
    GREAT view from the trail. Such an adventurer you are!! :)


  2. Great series of photos sis, good thing you had no boogies :)


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