Thursday, October 19, 2006


I made this lipstick to go along with the sparkly sequin purse element from last week, but you could use it for many different layouts. You might use it on a layout where a bride is applying her makeup, or for a girl who is being allowed to wear makeup for the first time. I am sure I have spelled Saucy wrong...should be with an e?

Is it just me, or are things spinning faster and faster? Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed and I need to turn off everything - the radio, tv, internet, phone. There's so much coming at me that I can barely keep track of it all. I find because I have empathy to all sorts of things going on around the world that I sometimes wonder how I can make a dint in it, change any of it. This is the time that I 'get alone with God' for a little while and give it to Him - knowing I can't do it on my own. At these times I accept my limitations and rest in Him. Won't you take a few minutes today, to be alone with God and just praise Him? After only a short while you will find all your worries will fade into perspective once more. If you push past these warning signals (I call them gentle heart-nudges) then you are knowingly headed down an already rocky road. God won't PULL you off that path, you need to acknowledge it and ask for His help. Sometimes (not ALL the time) consequences are given to us to teach us to walk closer with Him.

Look around you and be distressed,
look within you and be depressed,
look to Jesus and be at rest.

Psalm 120:1

In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me.

So, I have had it straight, the bald-faced bad news, from my amazingly smart (she got an extra portion of smarts in our family) sister Nina. She's a whiz with the computers and she diagnosed my computer last night she informed me my laptop is dying. Yep, I can start the nickle and diming process but ultimately we should be considering a new laptop somewhere down the road. Thanks Lord, for gifting my Sissie, my personal computer doctor. I also had a bit of welcome advice from my friend Arti who... get this, has 18 computers in her house. Whew! Thats a record in my books! No matter what, nothing will deter me from sharing with you here, daily!

This is a spooky looking vine that has grown onto a telephone pole near Osoyoos - dont' you think it looks like a ghoul?

A quick note, that I recieved notice that the scrapbook album for Joshua was completed at RAKscraps - you ladies are precious, and Janine (the mom) emailed me and said though the album was done, we can all still pray for Joshua in the meantime. His surgery is scheduled for November 8th.

Poster Someone Happy!

There's a terrific little free program which is available for download - called Rasterbator. The program takes your images and allows you to make them into posters - as big as you want! It does a fine job - I make posters for Miles every Valentines. It even makes nice edge lines so that the image pages join together seamlessly. I reccomend you download the stand alone version of the program(THE BUTTON ON THE RIGHT) because if you use the online one, it takes forever. Now, saying this... I want to be clear that I do not endorse this site. Frankly I find the content at this site questionable and sometimes disgusting. As a Christian I have to warn you ahead of time as I would not want you to think I like or enjoy this site. However, I believe everything can be used for GOOD and it would tickle me to know it was being used for good. So, this said, you can download the program right from the very first page without having to go any further. The program is worth it. You can have fun making your own giant greeting cards or murals!


  1. Thanks for the lipstick.:) It looks great!

  2. Love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration to draw nearer to God.

  3. I really enjoy your blog and tips. Thank you for sharing the link to today's program (the program with the qestionable name). Not a site I would have visited on my own...but the program is a neat concept.

  4. Great lipstick, thank you!!

  5. What a great program but such a shame they would give it such a disgusting name.

  6. How cute.. I like the stuff you do.. I love all your tips and quotes. thank you so much.

    I am a little concerned.. I have not seen your friend posting on her blog for a few days.. is she doing ok.. I watch her blog.. my sister is going through the same thing.


  7. Thank you for your post today as I definitely needed the reminder to leave things in God's hands. Reading your post reminded me that I'm not alone in these struggles, even though it has felt like it lately.


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