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Thank you all so very much for leaving comments - I know that it takes a few minutes each time, and in today's rush, a few minutes is sometimes a precious commodidty. Even though I would keep this blog no matter what, its not about getting praise, your comments make it a valuable thing to do each day. They put two sides on this blog - and I encourage you to keep sending your element requeststs - you come up with creative new ideas for me. I also appreciate seeing the smile on my husband's face! I hope you know that I read each and every comment and your comments are uplifting and often humourous. Your more than welcome to email me anytime too, if you would like a reply of any kind (sometimes I would like to answer you - but can't find an email?) Don't feel you have to put your email in your comment, simply send me a seperate email! My email is

We had a fun 'day away' at home yesterday, to celebrate Miles birthday. We watched TWO movies in bed, with the movies being projected onto a BIG projector screen. You know, like the projector screen from the OLD days that they used to show SLIDES on. lol. Yep, another buy at the thrift store...

I presented Miles with a funny/touching layout in a barnwood frame. Let me correct that - he had to play hot, hot, cold to find it. When I framed it, I put it in an old frame that already had a picture in it. I did not want to move the picture off the wall because he would have noticed that right away, so I put the layout in the frame and then I took the old picture and taped it gently over the glass of the old one... he he. He had a difficult time finding it...

I also made him a coloring book. I took some of our photographs from vacations, and using a graphics program I created drawing pages. I added captions on and even made a cover. Miles says he will treasure it. We will publish it to pdf in the next few days and upload it to our private website soon. Will let you know when.

Miles and Barb share an ice cream!
(coloring book page section!)

My original plan was to present the coloring book, along with crayons, to him at a restaurant as we went out for dinner. Unfortunately he clued in beforehand and begged me not to do something 'public' as he's shy. I was sad, have to admit it, but I respect his emotions, so he opened it ahead of time at home. He did not want anyone to make a fuss. We went to a Thai restaurant in Penticton, one hour north - it was very good. While we were there the waitress asked us if it was some occaision as we were both dressed nicely... at first Miles mumbled no... "just out" but he's SO honest... he confessed we were celebrating his upcoming birthday.

Well! After dinner the entire staff brought a huge bowl of ice cream and deep fried banana fritters with a candle and sang him a hearty Happy B-Day - complete with HUGS (yes, Gina - a woman snuck a hug in on my Miles - amazing huh????) You must understand... my husband does not hug. Oh he's warm and kind and compassionate - hugs given in some circumstances, but other than that I can count the number of women on my hands who will get hugs from him. All his hugs are for me. You would get a handshake, I get the hugs. My dearest friends get his hugs... but thats about it. And so when someone 'sneaks' a hug in on him, its quite cute, really.

We are still hiding today, so I had better go. Will catch you all tomorrow! Thanks for visiting.

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  1. OK - what to comment on first...
    Thanks for the movie elements. I worked at a theater in high school so I have to scan in some photos and use them. They're great, thanks!
    LOVE the coloring book idea. VERY cool. I understand about the public thing, too. I made my hubby a scrapbook of all of his childhood through meeting me stuff that his mom had and brought it to a restaurant. He opened it and immediately put it away. Didn't even look through it. Not til later did he explain it was because he knew he would cry. I didn't even think of that.
    I have to go check out the pattern site. I love crafting things of all types, so this sounds fabulous.
    Thanks again!! Have a great day. Sorry to ramble.

  2. What a great reel! Just love reading your blog! The coloring book is a great idea.....wonder if I could do that. Thanks for sharing! cg

  3. The reel and film strip look fantastic:-) Thanks for sharing them with me:)
    Let's see....some suggestions..not sure you want to use them..but asked.LOL

    hot dogs
    cell phone with a don't use sign like the one for no smoking.know what I mean?
    My dh suggested chewing gum under the seat.LOL
    trash can that says place trash here.
    Okay..let's see your magic:)

  4. Thank You for the reel and the frame from yesterday
    Give Miles a birthday hug from me! LOL

  5. Thanks for the great film reel element. I love your gift ideas - are you going to let us know which program you used for the colouring book? Did you use a special filter or action? Going to check out the pattern site now - you give great links too! Thanks!

    Happy Birthday Miles x

  6. Happy Birthday, Miles! I hope that you have a wonderful day :)

    I'm with you on not wanting a fuss made at dinner. Last year, my mom took me out for lunch and it slipped that it was for my birthday. I quickly informed the waiter that NO ONE had better come over singing "Happy Birthday" because I hate that song. He apparently thought I was kidding about it....right up till I told him that there would be no tip if someone sang to me, lol.

  7. sounds like you spoiled him crazy...and he deserves both are so in love ith ine another...God Bless you both


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