Friday, October 27, 2006


OK ladies, you get my husband's virtual jewellrey, but I get the real 'schtuff'. I both admire/envy his talent. It took him ten minutes to create this...

JOB 28:17

Neither gold nor crystal can compare with it,
nor can it be had for jewels of gold.

I have to tell you about 'the clock' - at least get it down here so it is journalled. I bought a digital combo alarm clock/radio/telephone last month at the very last BIG yard sale at the local church where the towns only official thrift store is housed. At the BIG yard sale, it starts at 8 a.m. and runs till the volunteers tire out in the afternoon. It takes up the entire parking lot, and people come and go all day, bringing items and hauling them away.

I love to yard sale. As a kid my Gramma, who I was very close to, took me, along with her fiesty sister, and my Godmother, Margaret, almost every Saturday. Their own Anglican Church often held 'rummage sales' to raise money too. So, I started young. I learned, in a family of eight kids, where money was hard to come by, that 10 cents, or a quarter could buy something pretty significant at one of these events. And coming from a large family, NEW, was a concept that I rarely experienced, so it was not of importance to me. I imagine I thought that the items were 'gently loved' already.

In our marriage, we have faced some financially difficult times, and in those times, along with our decision to be a one income family, shopping 'thriftily' has become ingrained. Its been a life saver at times, and we have enjoyed many items we would not have been able to buy new. Like our 25 year old tv - in the cabinet - which STILL WORKS. Cost us $20 dollars. For the amount we watch tv, and the fact that we get only 3 stations, it does just fine, and is a nice piece of furniture. It makes me giggle when Janice's boys come, and they think the tv is 'strange' - especially as it has no funcitoning remote and you actually, physcially change channels. Anyways, I am wandering off my story.

The clock. So I bought the digital alarm clock/radio/phone for $3. The people who sold it to me were actually volunteers and they had a hard time parting with it and were grateful that I seemed excited to 'adopt' it. I proudly packed it home and showed it to Miles who lifted an eyebrow and said "um, it looks interesting" - I always hope he will be as aflutter as I about my great buys. He's not outgoing in his exclaimations at the best of times, but I take it personally when there is no inflection in his responses. When this happens I feel this driving urge to 'sell' him on my new treasure.

The clock sat proudly on the dresser - turned to face our bed. We would enjoy checking the time with the bright read out. I put it there during the day, and eagerly waited for nightfall, like a kid who wants to see the Christmas tree lit up for the first time. Well, night fell, and it got bright. Then it got brighter and brighter yet. It cast a sickly neon green light across the room, filling every corner. It made me think of a bad hotel sign that you just can't shut out. Miles groaned a lot and pulled the blankets over his head, and eventually, when he could not take it any more, hung a sock over the face.

I was all the more determined to fix my wonderful $3 clock. The next day, I went out and BOUGHT a roll of red transparent wrapping paper film for $1.50 - justifying it by knowing I could use the rest of the roll for actual gifts. I cut and wadded up a square and placed it on the face, in front of the numbers. That night I eagerly awaited to see what Miles would say. It was STILL too bright. I added another wad the next day. Sigh... it was ok, but now he had to 'squint' to see the numbers. By the way, the green numbers turned a blue when the red film was placed over it... go figure.

Now I was at the point of accepting defeat. I decided to set the alarm that final night with Miles watching on. As I did, I noticed a special button on the front, a sliding button for BRIGHTNESS... eep! You guessed it, I gave a little slide to the left and the numbers became a very bearable shade of green. LOL!

So the clock stays.. and all will be well until the next 'great bargain' comes along. Do you have a 'good buy' story for me?

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  1. I hope this is the right comment block:) I wanted to thank you and your husband for the jewelry..looks so elegant:) I sure appreciate your sharing it with me:)

  2. Your husband must be a "gem". Thanks! cg

  3. Love the clock story Barb and thank Miles for the jewels please

  4. Thank Miles for the beautiful jewels!
    I love going to yard sales and flea markets you never know what you'll find especially when I can find items for crafting!

  5. Wow! Mr Miles is very talented! :) Thank you for the beautiful gems!

  6. Only you the clock story...and thanks Miles for me ..loved the precious jewels

  7. LOL, as much as I love bargain hunting, I can't think of a story like that right now. We had a combination alarm & radio given to us, though, that we were so thrilled about...until we realized we couldn't get the clock to set on it, lol.

  8. Thanks Miles... you are talented!

    Good to hear someone agrees with me. Several gently used items in the house is much better then one over priced item that you are paying for month after month.

  9. Love the clock story! Tell Miles to feel free to make stuff for us all he wants. It must be tough having 2 talented people in the family (hehe) Thanks so much!

  10. Beautiful elements - thanks so much for sharing them. Your husband and yourself are very talented!!


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