Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Round # 64 with Blogger again this a.m... I got up EXTRA EARLY to blog to you, but Blogger had other ideas, lol! I tutored this morning at the Learning Center so that counted out 3 whole hours, however I did sneak back to try and upload a few times, in between. Now, barely is lunchtime here and so is my sweet friend Janice and her 'lil guy Zach - and I will be tutoring her all afternoon too, so am sneaking this in to you as well!

First of all, just a tip to you folks who use AVG or Firefox - there are new versions of both available right now and you can find them at CNET - just type in the program name and you will be directed to the download for it!

Now, I am going to actually 'skip back' to last Thursday, because it was a highly bloggable day, and I want to do it justice. Last Thursday, I called a freind who I had not heard from on a LOOOONG time... you know, sometimes someone gets on your heart and you almost feel impelled to contact them (and please DO - you never know what tomorrow brings!) I called Bonnie and we had a wonderful conversation, in fact, she said it was completely timely - my call - that it spoke into a place that needed to be filled. Imagine that!

Bonnie lives out on the north end of Osoyoos Lake, on a large property which is prime lakefront. Just beautiful, and what is even more special, is that 5 acres of the property has been put into the Land Conservency program - meaning that 5 acres is virtually natural. There is not much of THAT left anymore, I can tell you. During our conversation and in speaking about my photography, she encouraged me to come out and take photos. She insisted I come soon because the leaves were just 'turning' and would not last the weekend. Unfortunately, Miles was teaching that entire day and then had a staff meeting after, so it was looking like I was going alone.

Then, along came Janice, just stopped in for a coffee (which she brought for me - she's addicting me to Tim Horton's cuppacinos) Though she and Zach were both sniffing and (if I might be so rude to say) snotting, with colds, and though Janice left her brand new camera at home (what good is it doing you there, sweetie?) she was able to borrow Miles camera (you have NO idea how generous that is of him, lol!) We packed up a very kranky and miserable little two year old and headed out. When we arrived at Bonnies, I went to meet Bonnie while Janice literally peeled a whiney boy out of the back seat. We thought we were doomed to giving up and driving back.

However, we were in for a pleasant surprize... Zach, who is VERY shy, took to Bonnie like a burr to a sock, and before we knew it they were lalala off down the path ahead of us... leaving Janice and I and two cameras out in some of the prettiest land in the area.


Bonnie has built trails and little benches along the way for places to rest and relax, and we spent the next few hours snapping away - just heavenly. Bonnie calls this area her 'grotto' and she often comes and sits and thinks or draws here - it has a very peaceful and spiritual feel about it. Best of all - she has invited us to come enjoy when we would like too! The landside was alive with blazing sumac and glowing poisin ivy. Thank you Bonnie for such a wonderful afternoon in what was looking to be an ordinary day.

You have filled my heart
with great joy.

Psalms 4:7

Bonnie later confided to me, that she had recieved a phone call earlier in the day which had brought her down, emotionally, and that our visit filled that empty space with joy. Thank you, Lord, for laying on my heart to call her.

Capture That Screen

I have been making tutorials for the Learning Center and I downloaded a neat program to make 'screen captures' Its called Screen Print and Capture 32. Its very easy to use and works great. You can download it by clicking on the name.


  1. What a wonderful walk, conversation, time spent, friend and day it sounds like you were blessed to have. Good for all of you! And speaking of wonderful, thanks for the wonderful freebie!

    Oh, man... my little alarm clock is going off... aka DD up from a nap.... lol


  2. 1st the download link is the same one as the one you gave us yesterday.

    2nd thank you for sharing your beautiful photo's

    3rd for sharing the update about firefox and the link for screen print and capture 32

  3. Thank you so much for the freebies. I am not sure this link is right though? Is is suppose to be a repeat of yesterdays corner elements?


  4. These are wonderful, I really love your elements! Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Hi there, just thought you might like to know that the freebie link for today is downloading the wire corners from yesterday.


    KKL =^..^=

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for sharing these wonderful elements. I really appreciate it.

  8. Thank you for sharing these wonderful elements. I really appreciate it.

  9. Glad that I stopped back these Flower corners were worth the wait
    Thank You there're awesome!!!!!

  10. Thankyou, I really like these corners a lot.

  11. great job girl....missing you

  12. Good job on the metal flower corner elements...thanks for sharing!!!

  13. I tried to get these but got an internal server error - has the link run out? they are gorgeous and I would really love them :)

    beautiful photos, thank you for sharing, this is a lovely time of year.


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