Monday, October 23, 2006


I am dedicating this popcorn element to my friend Kristin CB who has a passion for popcorn. Her link is to the left of this journalling - but I don't know if she has actually updated lately... peck peck Mrs. K! I left the top portion of the title on the popcorn box empty - so that you can personalize it. You might want to put on someone's name or a flavor? Tomorrow I will post a little something to go along with this. Got ideas? Please email me at

My husband is an 'Educator' (he prefers this as opposed to Teacher) and though he mostly instructs in computer courses he is also teaches science. At one time in college he earned the Governer General Medal for Physics - yes that handsome skull of his contains many wonderful things. His grey matter works in an entirely different realm as mine. I suppose this is why God paired us so nicely. He gets to pack around all the wealth of knowledge of certain things while I pack around the rest of the 'stuff'. The point of this tetch of info, is because I heard him use a scientific term some time back and I think I can apply it to Blogger...

It is known as the Quantum theory. I know this will be an entirely simplistic explaination, but here goes. The theory says, if you take say, your body, and ran it against a brick wall enough times... eventually, one time, it would actually go through the wall. And that's what happens to me daily on Blogger. I get up and I try to upload... well, sometimes it works right away - how very scary! But sometimes I can sit here, like today and try a bazillion times. Finally, I win. And aren't you glad I did? I gain the gift of patience and persistence today. LOL!

Everyone has patience -
successful people learn to use it.


But let patience have her perfect work,
that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

I had planned to load a few beautiful pics here from our outing with the photography club at Hayne's Point yesterday, but decided to try tomorrow instead. So, you will have these to look forward to. I also decided to be productive while awaiting on Blogger, so with husband home (poor baby has the flu) I decided to bake. It's looking pretttty gooodd - can you smell it from here? I will post pics and perhaps the recipe tomorrow. Have a good day, and thanks for visiting.

BARB'S TIP # 105
Science is Good!

There is a terrific program I listen to on CBC radio when I can (when I remember on the weekend) but when I miss it I can access it on the internet. Its a science program called Quirks and Quarks, hosted by Bob McDonald. I know a few of you have indicated that you are scientifically minded - you will eat this up. You can download podcasts and listen to archived programs too! The last one, for example, explains why some people sneeze when they look into bright light! Enjoy!


  1. My Favorite! Love popcorn and so do the grandkids, so movie night at grandma's layout soon. Thank you.

  2. Love the popcorn element. The smell of freshly made popcorn is just the greatest and......mmmmmm, I can nearly smell it. Thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to see what you will be adding to go along with it tomorrow. Also looking forward to the pics from your photography club outing as well.


    KKL =^..^=

  3. Thank you for sharing this popcorn with me.:) I sure appreciate it.:)It looks good enough to eat.

  4. I love popcorn! Thank you so much! Very cute!

  5. love the popcorn..hmmmmmmm

  6. I like the popcorn, now some cool movie tickets and a soda would really complete the feeling and make me crave the theater

  7. I used that cute little purse w/the sequins - that is the cutest little thing:

    Layout Here

    The little girl in the photo lost 2 grandparents recently so she could use your prayers. Her home situation is not ideal.

  8. thanks for this cute freebie!!!!!

  9. This is too cute, thanks for the freebie.


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