Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, howdeeee!! Blogger and I again had another set-to this morning, like a virtual arm wrestle of sorts. I must be getting stronger though, because it gave in 2 hours earlier today. I kept talking to the computer screen telling it that all you folks were out there waiting for this handbag... like as if! Do you think I am spending too much time here, or what?

Ok, today's entry is going to be really, really brief b/c I have my work cut out for me here, in the real world. Bonnie called me yesterday and invited Miles and I back out today, for more pics and God has blessed us with a picture perfect fall day here - should be very fun.

I am posting this picture of Zach here... this is Janice's son and they come to visit me once or twice a week, for the past year. I prayed over 2 years ago for a young woman to come into my life to mentor to, and Janice is that answered prayer, along w/ her two beautiful boys. Now, Zach can go from sunshine to THIS in two seconds flat - there is nothing BORING about this boy. Me and my friend Gina absolutely laughed our guts out all day yesterday... and if I am correct in my thinking, she also has him as her screensaver now... How can you not love that face... do you think he is trying to control the situation, perhaps? Janice, a quick question... kids learn what they live - who taught him this look??? lol


Clean your Computer

One program that my husband and I use on our computer, always, in conjunction with AVG free edition and Ad Aware and Spybot - is one called CCleaner. No matter how often I run it, it manages to clean out some stuff the others miss. I remain prettty clean on my computer despite constant surfing, so I believe its worth it. CCleaner stands for Crap Cleaner, and it does clean that 'stuff' out efficiently.



  1. Hey, I hadn't thought of saving him as my desktop or anything like that! :) EVERY TIME I see that face it makes me giggle... and ya know, laughter isn't a huge commodity in my life right now... so, I'm taking all I can get.

    Love ya!~G

  2. i have no idea how i am the first to comment about this purse!!!!!! i love love love it ohhh it is sooooo cute!!!! i can't believe that people are not just going crazy over this one! thanks also for fighting with blogger yesterday (we got into a little tiff when i tried to post a comment 4u) hey i think i will start praying for that friend as well i need a close friend too. thanks for the encouragement sometimes we need to be reminded to pray for ourselves too!!! love the freebie wish my daughter and i could come over and play with powty face!

  3. Oh my! How gorgeous and unique is this!?!? I totally LOVE it! Besides, a gal can NEVER have too many handbags, LOL. TFS.

    Also, thanks so much for sorting out the download mixup from yesterday. I really didn't want to miss out on those great corners.


    KKL =^..^=

  4. THis purse is beautiful! I adore the sequins. I just want to reach into the screen and fill it with my stuff hahaa


  5. Just wanted to Thank you very very much for all your wonderful freebies .. and the purse, Oh! the purse is so very lovely! And also wanted to tell how a wonderful photographer you are! I am back to work full time and am thinking of you! Don't have much time to blog anymore .... but I can always make time to HOP by your place :) XOXOXO Valerie

  6. thanks for the cutey....hope I get to use it soon....and for the ccleaner

  7. I discovered your blog today. Thank you for sharing your freebies and tips.

  8. This is adorable! Thank you!

  9. This is adorable! Thank you!

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  11. read your blog, love your hints, and stories. keep in up. i did go to ccleaner cuz i have ad adware & spybot and could use more help. keep up the good work

  12. read your blog, love your hints, and stories. keep in up. i did go to ccleaner cuz i have ad adware & spybot and could use more help. keep up the good work

  13. thank u for the purse, my granddaughter will absolutely love it.

  14. That is the cutest little thing I've ever seen!


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