Saturday, October 28, 2006


Lord You are More precious than silver

Lord You areMore costly than gold
Lord You areMore beautiful than diamonds

And nothing I desire
Compares with You

Well, all your comments worked - what man can't love the flattery of all you women out there! He worked his magic for you for yet another wonderful element! I do have another in the Movie Night series coming tomorrow, but I could not resist putting his up first! Thanks so much for your comments - it was nice to see the smile on his face!


We are 'camping at home' today. It's Miles birthday on Monday, but we are celebrating today. Monday is a work day, and even worst, we both have dental appointments! Can you imagine! I have a few surprizes lined up through the day, and tomorrow I will tell all! So today's entry will be brief.


I have to tell you about an amusing article we heard on NPR radio this morning. It was about Tupperware - yes, probably every single one of us has at least one piece of Tupperware kicking about. In our family I think all the babies played with Tupperware more than toys - you just can't kill the stuff. The article we heard today was in a different tack though, it was about people creating ART with it - Tupperware has even made it into the Smithstonian Institute! We were awed to hear what people made with it - including these dresses!


Winner in Fashion Category:
Evelyn Tabaniag from the Philippines
created a collection of beaded handbags,
constructed from Tupperware(R) Sandwich Keepers.

Winner in Free Form Category:

Kriss Ulve from France sculpted a unique
and an intricate fish model. The deep blue and turquoise hues of the
Tupperware(R) products perfectly captured the colors of the sea --
which was Ulve's inspiration for the piece.

Winner in Storytelling Category:

Stella Filippou from Greece created a
Formula One Racing Car model entirely from Tupperware(R) products. She
compared the excitement and spirit of a Formula One Race to her
experience within Tupperware.

Winner in Utility Object Category:

Rajeev Joshi from India created a
kaleidoscope which was made from an assortment of contrasting shapes,
sizes and colors of Tupperware(R) products.

You can listen to the original article we heard at the following link: NPR ARTICLE

Visualize Yourself Slimmer

Some friends are currently working their bottoms off (really!!!) in various weight loss efforts and I've been provided with a very neat link to share with you. It's called My Virtual Model, and basically, it allows you to create a model of what your body shape is now... and one of where you would like to be... so you can make models as you go along. Its a neat site. You can even post your own model to your blog or website. What a terrific way to encourage yourself on your journey. I totally admire the determination of all you gals who are working so hard (and making HEALTHY choices!)


  1. Hope I am in the correct comment box:)
    I wanted to thank your dh for the beautiful frame..He does fantastic work..well..if he is like's fun not work.LOL But it sure looks great!

  2. This is lovely, as was yesterday's item. He's done a great job!

  3. Tell Miles he can make stuff for us girls ANYTIME. Seriously, thank you for ALL the nice things you give us!

  4. Thank your dh for the wonderful frame. He does a beautiful job.

  5. Beautiful frame. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  6. Beautiful frame. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  7. I love his work. I'm looking forward to more of his work. thanks for sharing

  8. I love this frame! Thanks to your DH for taking the time to make it to share with us.

  9. Miles that is beautiful...awersome job and Barb have so much talent to share with us all ..thanks..and Barb thanks for the virtual model site sis

  10. love your site, it's in my weekly favs. been playing for about 1/2 hour. lol. virtual model was cool thanks for sharing

  11. i have a friend who is "seriously" into tupperware. looking forward to her reaction to the article. thanks for sharing

  12. Dearest Miles! Happy Special Day! Secundo, Barb I love your Virtual Model ... I had fun playing with it! As for the WildFire Grill, It is so Yummy there .. a nice treat! Love Ya both! Valerie


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