Wednesday, October 04, 2006


GOD morning to you. Yep, I woke this morning with a joy in my heart. I woke this morning knowing that I am loved and I am so overwhelmed. Its a morning to take delight in any small thing, to count your blessings. Won't you take a moment out of these first hours to thank Our Lord for your blessings.

PSALM 106:1

Give thanks to the LORD,
call on his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.

Whew - I got through the BIG yard sale with only two small purchases yesterday! Actually I am saving my pennies for this weekend as here in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend, and my Mother In Law and I have a tradition of yard saling on the Saturday. I watched with interest as a lady bought the plastic horse off of a rocking horse/w/metal frame. I overheard her say that she was opening a restuarant with a western theme so she was going to use her 'lil filly to decorate - how fun!

My treasure I brought home was a new/old combo clock radio/telephone. I've never seen one before. This one was bordering on antique, but in mint condition. The owners were right there when I bought it and they said they sold it because they live out of town and don't get radio reception.

I've been taking some pictures of this little alien looking friend - a praying mantis. My husband and one of his students at the school make movies once a month for the DESERT CENTRE locally. So... they get VERY excited when an opportunity arises to get good bug pictures or videos. This little mantis may be the most photographed bug on earth by the time they get finished filming!

The mantis is a very fascinating insect, for instance, the following is new to me:

In the bodies of some species of mantis there is a hollow chamber. A fairly recent discovery is that these chambers provide the mantis with a means for detecting one of their most feared predators: bats. Apparently, the mantis in flight will drastically change its flight pattern (often hurling directly to the ground in a crazy spiral) when certain frequencies of sound are 'heard' by the mantis. This was established in an experiment involving some mantises, a very large gymnasium, and some sophisticated cameras and recordings of bats. The researchers discovered, as well, that the louder the bat noises were played, the more drastic the mantis' flight pattern would change.

There's also a wealth of information available HERE. I will also post a link for the Desert Centre when Miles gets the new video up. Now, again - reading all these interesting facts on mantises - just one of the billions of insects on our earth, how can we not be in awe of God's handiworks?

I also want to share the beauty of our area with you - the sumac are turning - something so beautiful to behold. The leaves drip like ruby pendant earrings from the branches. This is a great time fo the year to bring in a 'natural' bouquet - bullrushes, berries, grasses, sumac.

I would like to thank all of you who continue to keep my friend Gina's family in prayer - these quiet times as life moves on will be very difficult for them. May I encourage you to continue to visit her blog and minister?

How To Change a Lightbulb

No, no joke here. I had to change a bulb last week - twice! It was screwed in way too tight and I feared it would break off! After thinking about it for several minutes I decided to use a pair of rubber gloves. They worked perfectly, giving me good grip and had the bulb broken I would have been far less likely to have cut myself. Promise me, if you use this hint - make sure the gloves are DRY first!


  1. awesome ...picture of the mantis...yes aren't the colors of fall the work of our Lord ...have fun yard saling ...and enjoy family time on Thanksgiving..

  2. TYS today's DL your picture's are fantastic! TYS them!

  3. I'm laughing over here! Too funny, love all the info about the praying mantis' because I love them too but had no clue about the bat thing! Lol. I once found a praying mantis walking down the sidewalk on 3rd avenue, between 67 & 68th street in Manhattan! No kidding, walking down the sidewalk!!!! I was scared the lil' guy was going to get crushed so I went to the nearest garbage can, pulled out a piece of paper that was big enough for him to ride on and put him up in a little tree that was planted in a sidewalk spot. I don't know if he survived there but I sure knew he wouldn't have survived on the sidewalk! My

    My DH found one actually riding in the subway train once too! Hanging from the ceiling as a matter of fact! I guess they get around quite a bit. He said it hung upside down the whole 30 minutes he was on and no one even noticed it! Crazy huh?

    Love the notebook paper! Very cool... oh, if you get a chance, could you do a TOU please? I really like to put all my goodies in a filing system and I don't have enough info from you to put into your file. :D

    Thanks again! :D

  4. Thank you for the freebie!


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