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You all get a very SPECIAL ELEMENT today - (btw: you can put a photo behind the see thru portion of the pendant) I poured my heart in this one to make it special for you, as way of thanks, explaination follows:

First of all, a little 'toot, toot!' (as I understand this is called in scrapping world - when you boast a little...) I can't take credit for the toot, as it comes only as a direct result of support from my friends, and YOU, who bring it about. Enough beating around the brush - Yesterday, I made it to #19 on the Top DigiBlogs website. If you look to the left of this journalling you will see the icon for the website. Now, how it works is you submit your blog to this website and over time, they track your blog for average daily visitors, and visitors on that particular day - and as you get 'popular' you move up.

Now, I must confess, that I did sign up a long time ago, and after checking it faithfully for a few days, waiting, hoping... and nothing happening I kinda set it to the side and did not think about it at all. Then, yesterday, my sweet friend Gina said "Do you know your #35 at Top DigiBlogs?" - and meybe with a bit of surprize there as I had never mentioned to her I had signed up - and why not? I dunno, we must have been gabbing about tea or something that day, ha ha!

So, thank you all so much for your interest and kind comments and your visiting me on my blog every day. I get a really big thrill from this, for some odd reason! Quick note: I will be away for the next four days, at the coast with our family for Thanksgiving, but I will dream up more good stuff in my head on my travels, to bless you with.

I got out a bit yesterday! I had invites for two things and I went. Just up and went to each and did not think twice about it. The first event I went to was a painting demonstration by a local (Kelowna -1.5 hours away) artist.

Mona Weinstein is a very talented artist who paints in a very bold, bright and whimsical style. She is having a show, along with another talented artist, at our local art gallery. I was fascinated by her style of painting and some of the very creative techniques she employs in her painting style. You may notice in her hand she has something which looks like a magic wand, or a baton with one end, she uses this to keep her hand from touching the paper while she paints. If you paint, you know you should never touch paper with skin as the oils in your hands leave marks and the paint won't adhere.

I was also very touched when she told us that her husband had come to the gallery and DECORATED the stairway all the way up to the gallery entrance, with beautiful displays of dried cornstalks and pumpkins and pumpkins filled with potted flowers - he was sure speaking her love language. How sweet when a husband and wife uplift each other. When she spoke of him her entire being lit up and it was very apperant how much they love and admire one another. Thats how I want our marriage to always be too!

And, and and!!!! Jumping up and down.... I discovered there is a photography club just started up in our lil town. NO KIDDING. Oh, the possibilities!

I had a comment yesterday from REBECCA from New York. Rebecca, you had me and my husband laughing SO hard. Please, I would love to get to know you better, can you email me so I have your email address? This way I can send you all Miles 'bug' videos from the desert center as they come out, seeng you have such a heart for our small insect friends!

I had best end off as I have friends patiently awaiting me on chat, and they need to move on with their day... have a wonderful weekend, God Bless.


Kitchen Safety Tip

Now this one is probably what is defined as a "no-brainer" but I think its important. I have made a habit of keeping any knives I use while cooking, in the space between the back of my kitchen taps and the wall. If you make a habit of this, and train your family to do this, you will lessen the likelihood of having someone put a sharp instrument into the sink and getting cut.


  1. I just discovered your blog a few days ago and subscribed to it with Google Reader. I love your blog! I just feel a connection to you, maybe because we are both Christians, and love our husbands, and love scrapbooking and art, and such. And your husband likes bugs? Entomology and hermeneutics and comparative animal physiology were my 3 favorite classes in college; absolutely, completely, and totally loved them. Anyway, have a good day and congrats on your popularity!

  2. Thank you for the lovely lace element and the interesting information. I'm not sure if you receive notification when someone leaves you a comment, but I did leave one yesterday in a September archived section. I was reviewing and found the cuuuuuutest painting with a little dog in it. I didn't know if you knew or not.

    Are you a photographer/painter? Just curious. You seem to be very creative and clearly artistic and talented. Thanks again and have a wonderful time over the Thanksgiving weekend with your family. Take care :)

  3. Hello Mrs. Miles.!
    Love your freebies BTW...I was born and lived in Alberta until I was 12..Reading your blog brought back some memories for me...
    as I was reading your blog...saw Kelowna, My friend Heather (Dye)Miller
    moved there a few years ago.. we recently reconnected after the recent death of her father and the death of my mother...So I was wondering what church you belonged to,saw their gorgeous homepage and saw OSOYOOS! My parents took us there to camp when we were little! They are both on the other side now...but such great memories today!
    Thanks for your little blog...It made my day! :)

  4. Well my friend, what a great element. I'm sorry I haven't been more chatty on your comment spot. But, I know you understand. Thanks for the lovely lace and glass. :)

  5. Thank You for today's lovely freebie!

  6. OK, I am still laughing! I love a blog that gets me to laugh so much. I have to first tell you that I am a rather spastic computer person. What I mean by that is I never quite do one thing. I can have Photoshop open which doing a LO, AOL open while IMing my DH at work and reading emails and then have several sites open on Firefox. I jump from one to the other if anything bogs down or slows down... hold on DH is IMing me....

    so, anyways... as I was saying, I am not a linear person in any respects whatsoever... soooooooo... I was checking DST saw your post there then hopped over to your blog... was waiting for the download to start then hopped back to your page to read your post and comment... scrolled down a bit after that lovely artist's work... then DH IM'd me... I ended up going back to Photoshop to start it opening a large file... and then popped back to your blog... where I promptly saw the bit about me! Now that totally got a laugh out loud response... so much so I have to write it out more than shorthand it! ROFLMBO!

    Well, thank you! You are so sweet! Sweet to think so kindly of me and my funny lil' comment too. :) Ummmmm, not sure how to email you but you can email me at (yup, Y2K ... I moved to the city December 1, 1999 when everything was Y2K this and Y2K that, lol)

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! And thanks again for that super fabulous freebie! I think this would look cool on a sophisticated Halloween page too! Love it! :D

    Ooops, congrats too for climbing the hierachy of the blogger lists! Thats so fun! :D

  7. Mrs. Miles... you should not be surprised that you are as high as you are.. I love reading your blog and I do everyday.. I love it... and not for the freebies... tho I do so very much appreciate them.. but I love your blogging. Congratulations for making it as high as you have... and I have no doubt that you will be higher.. Have a wonderful holiday... and thank you again.. Joy

  8. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to having all my family home and taking in our local fair as well. Thank you fopr all the lovely elements.

  9. I visit as often as I can and enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the fantastic elements too. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to having all my family home for the long weekend.

  10. I just looked and you were at #13! Congrats!

  11. way to go girl you will climb to the top...everyone loves your blog site has everything and is filled with love

  12. Such a fun blog - I look forward to getting to know you better. Misty Cato

  13. Hi I'm Barb a mother of 3 from iowa im 36--i just love your whole blogging setup and your love for God shines through your words-very touching and your very talented with your crafts.My heart goes out to your friend Gina and prayers for her and her family.I will definitely be back again to see how things are.hugs,Barb

  14. thank you

  15. Thank you for the beautiful pendant element! I love it

  16. Thank you for the black lace pendant freebie...can't wait to use it in a layout.


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