Thursday, April 27, 2006


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In all the confusion yesterday I completely forgot to blog the most important news of all! The site that my dear husband has been working on since September celebrated it's official public launch yesterday -
I am so very proud of him for his unique creation, he has poured his soul into this project and I hope you can appreciate all of the wonderful features he's included. All of the music you hear during your visit was composed and recorded by him using his keyboard which plugs into his usb port and using software which allows him to be virtually any instrument he desires. It would mean a great deal to him if you would leave an entry in the guestbook on the site! Feedback is much appreciated!
I am happy to be able to say that I contributed the Children's Coloring Page, some of the photography and my proudest achievement, the Desert Pastel Kit. I hope you all download it and enjoy it. I would love to see your layouts!
So, you are probably wondering how on earth I could have forgotten to blog this major piece of news. The answer to this is that it was chaotic yesterday (which is most likely why I'm blogging this at 4 a.m. - can't sleep thinking about everything! ) I believe I mentioned there was a Pot Luck at the Learning Center yesterday. I was all ready to drive there - food prepared, laptop packed up as I thought I might stay at the school for the afternoon. When I started the van, the moment I put it into gear, the heat gauge began blinking red and the needle skyrocketed up to the top. Yowza! I only tried twice, fearing becoming a Barbeque ( pun on my name - brothers call me this for a nickname to this day) I called my Prince Charming at school and we begin the all too familiar process of calling the mechanic etc. The cap on this story is he travels with the van as it is towed 100+ km to our mechanic and returns home in a courtesy car after his school day. Sigh
On the upside, I have created two new layouts. I am writing some scrapbooking tutorials for Miles to use at school, so I am making my own templates to demonstrate how they are used, and for the students to use as a sample. Who knows, I may just offer them here for download in the future. These are two layouts I've used my personal templates on!
hopefully he won't get a complex!

my friend Valerie's littlest Girl!
Last, but not least, I want to share a little something I have been up to this week. I challenged myself to not shop for groceries for an entire week. The last shopping we did was on Friday the 22nd. Since then I've had to 'make do' with what was in our fridge and cupboards. I did not make this decision until after we so its not as if I over-shopped in anticipation. I had no milk and only one egg in the fridge. We do have a freezer full of ... well, thats what I'm discovering through this experiment. On Monday I even created my very own frozen eggless cheesecake recipe (5 star rated by my sweetie!) It truly is amazing what you can do without and what you can substitute when you have to. It has been a very good excersize and I challenge you all to try this for one week yourselves! The week will be up on Friday and I know we will be fine tomorrow. I do admit that I would have bought more fresh veg and fruit had I thought about it ahead of time. Another factor that helped was the Pot Luck - I loaded up on the fresh stuff.
One last note - we had Alicia, a student at the school, her daughter Olivia is 4 yrs old and very precocious and she entertained us with the sweetest story she had heard about a town which hosted a Pot Luck and the purpose of the Pot Luck was to bring everyone together to think up a name for the town. Everybody brought sausages, so the town was named Sausages. So, Olivia wanted to know what the purpose of our Pot Luck was. Kids, hey?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. The homepage your husband is really interesting!
    Thank you for the wonderful kit!

  2. You got a little tear out of my eyes today ! I was very touch by the scrapbook pages you made of my kids ....Thank you so much. I got more silly shots of them a couple days ago. Will send them to you or on HELLO! XXX Valerie

  3. Hey girl! Your man's site is great. I made sure to post it on my blog... so, anyone that comes to my site will see it. :)


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