Tuesday, April 04, 2006


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I painted this Pansy in Art Rage! You know how in those gardening magazines there are flowers named after people? I've always thought that was a neat thing to have dedicated to you - a living thing. I tossed the idea around in my head a bit and realized that what plant you name after a person should embody the qualities and virtues of what they are all about. I'm naming this Pansy Sonya because she is sweet, bright, friendly, warm, hopeful and helpful. She's the ray of sunshine after a long, long winter. Sonya is one of the very first persons I met at SBB. I think it was Tandis (we ALL KNOW TANDIS!) who asked Sonya if I could go on her Hello, with some question or another, and next thing, here are Sonya and I. I think I have talked to her every single day, except the days when Miles and I are away. I've come to know her and love her as a close friend. We've celebrated our highs and lows together. She is a rock to me! Sonya, this quote is for you:

There are persons so radiant, so genial, so kind, so pleasure-bearing, that you instinctively feel in their presence that they do you good, whose coming into a room (even a chat room or HELLO room) is like the bringing of a lamp there. HENRY WARD BEECHER

Thank you for making my days bright Sonya!

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