Thursday, April 20, 2006




I'm not so excited at this very moment. I had typed this entire entry in, along with the photos, and lost everything! 'course that has never happened to you...such is the dangers of computer use everywhere. I know, save save save! Anyways, this is not going to defeat me...and the upside? Its much easier typing it the second time because I know what I want to say now.

The crepes turned out beautifully. I rolled them with a filling of turkey, rice, green peppers, tomatoe and cucumbers, seasoned with freshly squeezed lime juice, ground sea salt and hand ground black pepper and tons of basil. We had a fast but nice lunch and then visited the local thrift store. Ali found a practically new Samsonite suitcase, nice looking even, for a whole $4! Whadda deal. I look forward to our time each week.

Miles got a rerun of the crepes - well, lets call it re-vamped version, it sounds so much nicer. I topped his with extra filling and melted cheddar and mozza.

Gina Girl, this tulip ele is for you...when will I see you online again, you're out of doors? I miss you! You all go on over to Gina's blog and see the georgeous pics she took at the tulip farm recently!


  1. Your crepes are looking very yummy!
    Thank you for the tulip!

  2. You know what ! For some reason .. I can't get to download your beautiful tulip! Snif anif... tried it a few times... I get a blank. XXX Valerie


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