Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Zach at the yard sale!
pretty pink flower

pretty pink ribbon
I hope you like these elements I created. I had fun creating the fuzzy edge on the ribbon. I've shown it close up s you can see the detail!
I had a wonderful time with Janice yesterday at the BIG yardsale downtown. We arrived in the lunch hour, by then its getting to be pretty slim pickings. I understand that the time to arrive is right at 8:30 a.m. when they first open! We had a good poke around and Janice found some nice things. Me - well, I was compelled to buy a toy for Zach - after all, it kept him amused for the entire time we were there...he just plunked himself down on the ground and got right to it. It is not the toy he has in his hand, it is the one right behind him on the left side of the picture.
I tried my hand at making a new recipe, knowing that Zach and his brother James like cheese - guess thats dear to my heart as my younger brother George used to love cheese too (he passed away several years ago) So I created my own version of breadsticks with cheddar rolled into the middle and mozza ontop. I guess the picture inspired my friend Sonya, across the miles to California, as she ended up making bread too! Wow - the thought warmed me up! :)
One last thing I need to share with you...and especially I hope our daugther Melanie is reading this - a blog site you have to visit, for a chuckle. This site is about putting stuff on cats (I know this is probably a bad thing to show you Melanie, like telling a kid NOT do something, giving you ideas...) Go on over to stuff on my cat
Melanie, we just know we are gonna be seeing pics of Winstie on there...


  1. Thank you for the nice flower and ribbon!

  2. Yep, you made a breakmaker out of me!! I'm making more tomorrow! It turned out SO good! I even liked it more the next day! YUMMY!!!!!

    Thank you, Barb for being such an inspiration to me, every day.


  3. And don't forget I'm going to be hounding you every day until you write up a recipe for those YUMMY breadsticks!!

  4. Keep up the good and miss you sis in law



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