Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, I'M not crabby, but I sure know someone who may be today!
A young lady came by the Learning Center last night, along with her husband, to pick up a student. I arrived just shortly after she did. I had been to visit friends and when I parked at the school I was sure to put the club on the steering wheel (second nature to me at this point) but I must admit I was tempted to put a cover over my computer (in a backpack) while I just 'nipped' in to get I was putting the cover over the backpack, by conscience was nudged to take it in, take it in, and I listened to that little voice. I was very glad I did only 5 minutes later.
The young lady chatted with Miles and I for a few minutes and then left. She returned almost immediately, her face as white as chalk. She had not locked her vehicle, parked directly across from the center and someone had stolen her laptop! Now, this lady is a professional photographer and she had just done a wedding and the entire wedding was on the computer. All her personal information was on this computer. She did not have a backup. I cannot imagine what devastation has been created for her about this.
I just called her this morning and she is still very much distraught. I've offered to call the local media to put out an appeal for the theives to return the computer ... or at least the information on the computer. She's thinking about this option.
I urge you today...if you are getting out of your car - hide your valuables, put your club on and lock your doors.

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  1. So sad...for that lady, she is the 3rd person I know that got something stolen from their car in Osoyoos. My friend Helen got stolen in her car too.BRrrr! Thank you for your crab friend ! Valerie


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