Friday, April 07, 2006

TGIF - I mean REALLY thank the LORD its FRIDAY...or whatever day it happens to be!

Spring has arrived in Osoyoos!

Sunny Heart Frame


Everything is bursting up out there!

I've had my nose in here so much lately that its like going to another country when I get outside. Everything bloomed while I was blogging to you. I will compose a spring collage to show you tomorrow. It was t-shirt and shorts weather here yesterday! And that leads me to the next item of news - I found a terrific, brand new pair of beach shorts in racy red yesterday at our local thrift, and a beautiful black, contoured right to my curves (thats supposing you believe I have any, lol!) I just know that someone who's seen me said "hmmm....looks like she could use a to-die-for-suit and put it into the thrift exactly before I arrived there with the precise amount of money, no? This along with a pair of grey GAP jeans for Janice's little boy and an ivory handled butter knife which I have purchased to make a scrapbook layout remembering my Gramma. Gramma used to have a set, and we were always told to never submerse the handles in water or they would yellow.

Enjoy the Frame and enjoy your day! I am off to the desert center with Miles, an impromtu date of sorts!


  1. I t must be neautiful where you live! Thank you for the cute frame.

  2. thanks for the frame..hope to get time and show your stuff and miss you...sis

  3. This is very pretty! I love the color. Thank you so much for sharing.


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