Thursday, August 08, 2013

Soda Pop Can Card - Girl with Birds

Anyone who knows me is pretty used to me getting excited about trash.  Um hmmm - I see treasure in the most odd bits of things most people toss out without a second thought.  I’ve pulled out all the stops with my creativity this past year and I have challenged myself to “think OUTSIDE of the box” so to say.  The recycle bin at our house has become my art supplies box and I think you might be pretty impressed when you see some of the unique projects I’ve dreamed up. 

Today I’m going to feature a card I created using the Girl with Birds (FREE) cut from my previous post. 


This card is what I term as a “giving” card - in other words, you would not want to mail this as its very 3 dimensional. 


The girl and birds are teeny tiny vinyl cuts and I’ve adhered them onto… can you guess?  It’s the inside of a soda pop can! 

I have been experimenting with pop cans for a while now and I’m finding there are many fun uses.  I don’t have a photo of how exactly I did this but basically I cut both ends of the can off.  I allowed about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of leeway on both ends so that I could make small cuts all around.  This allowed me to then flatten the edge, all the bits, and they serve as an anchor.  I’ve reserved the top and the flat middle pieces for other projects. (woo hoo, stay tuned!) 

I decided to paint the can surface white - I used an acrylic but I think it would have been nice to use a spray paint next time.  When it was dry I stuck the girl and birds on, then coated it with a layer of Modge Podge which I sprinkled with ultra fine glitter.

Next I measured the can bottom (it was just over 2”) and designed a card face cut in my Silhouette software. I designed a simple scallop to fit around the edge. I added the stamped sentiment and layered it on some lovely designer paper from Kristin Cronin Barrow’s Boho Chic collection.  I made and glued the bow on.


Then I pushed the soda can bottom into the card face and then glued the entire works to a cardstock base. 

Have YOU recycled anything unusual for a greeting card or project?  I’d love you to comment.  Thanks so much for visiting today - be sure to visit again soon as I have more blog posts queued up for you in a few days.  Smile

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  1. Wonderful card Sister, I love that you can recycle almost anything and use it in your crafts :).

  2. Cute card.Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
    Blessing''s Jocelan

  3. Good evening Barb!

    What a COOL idea using soda pop cans!! I wouldn't have thought of that either!! :) I LOVE your card!!!!


  4. Ha, love this record project Barb, I have seen it in real life and the details are stunning. What a wonderful job, you are so creative.

    I love the little girl with her birds too, how cleaver are you with your recycling :).


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