Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random Photo - Blade of Grass



People always seem to be drawn to my macro pictures.  I seem to love taking them so its a good fit.  I always ask my self “Why?” - what is the appeal? 

I think it is the same for both me (as the photographer) and you (as the viewer) - it’s STOPPING for a moment.  Coming to a standstill long enough to notice things we usually pass by in our busy lives.  Ordinary things. 

Its funny but something almost magical happens when we allow ourselves to cash out from the hustle and bustle.  As we close off all the switches and release all the ties on our time and take a “time break” (sort of like a coffee break but without the coffee involved)  When we do that and sit still for a bit then NEW and tiny things come into focus.  Our whole being goes into “macro” mode. 

We hear insects buzzing.  We feel the gentle tug of a breeze.  We notice a color or texture that eluded us.  We see patterns, and randomness too - we CONNECT with nature.  There really is beauty everywhere.  When we allow ourselves just a few minutes or longer to simply “be” a funny thing happens - we are able to check back into the world and feel like we went on a mini vacation.

So, I think that enjoying even a photo like this one has the power to take us into the moment it was taken.  Even if it hangs on an office wall, or anywhere, it can give us a reminder that there is a whole world out there, just waiting for us to seek it. You don’t have to travel to “get away” - go discover the beauty right under your nose!

Both my Mr. and I often feel closer to God through this process - it’s a great way to appreciate the complex blessings HE allows us to experience, if we will only take the “rest” time to see.


  1. I am one of your biggest happy-clappy macro fans, and I hope we can go on a photo adventure soon and take some macro shots together and blog about them! (there I go, all happy and clapping again at the very thought of it, haha) Only YOU could make a blade of grass look so absolutely wonderous, and the sparkling dewdrops seem magical! You are my inspiration in so many ways! HUGS ;)


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