Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fun 45 Record Card - FREE Silhouette Cut file!

We know someone who ♥ records and so when his birthday rolled around I decided to theme a card around his passion for “vinyl”.  I’m not, of course, talking about vinyl as in the stick on type - but the kind of vinyl we all used to listen to.  I’m aging myself here, ha ha!


I had SUCH FUN with this one and I hope you do when you use it too.  It is a tricky project if you have not used the Silhouette Sketch Pens before.  If this is the case then you might want to use the blank template I’m including and then just add your own stamped or hand drawn touches to it. 

We will use the (black) “record” part first.  Drag all files except the large record part off of your cutting area in the software.   First you will make the “rings” - they are simply lines drawn using a silver Silhouette Sketch Pen. Load a piece of black cardstock into your machine and a Sketch Pen into the holder. 

After you’ve sketched in the lines you will need to ungroup the cutting file (ctrl + u) and then select and delete all the inner lines -but not the outside line and then cut the shape out (I used the cardstock setting)



Now it’s time to work on the inside piece.  Load a piece of yellow (or whatever color you choose the middle to be) cardstock into the machine. 

Drag the smaller “inside” cut onto the cutting area.  If you are going to use the Sketch Pens then you will load that into the holder. Click on the file and ungroup.  Delete the outside line.  Now command your software to sketch (cut) the text. 

Once your text is complete, trade out the Pen for the blade and set it to the cardstock setting.  Now use the undo command (ctrl + z) to get the outside line back.  When you have this, then click on the text and delete it.  You will be left with just the outer line and you will tell your Silhouette to cut this.  Voila! 

I added a sentiment on the inside of the card which says “Hope you have a RECORD year!”  I hope you enjoy this file. You may use this file for your personal use.  If you would like to make cards to sell at craft fairs or on a small scale I ask you display a credit to me and a link back on my blog site.  If you want to use my design on a large scale I will need you to seek written permission from me. 

I’m always open to donations to offset the time and effort that goes into my designs so I can provide them often and at no cost.  Why not be a “Robin Hood” for others who may not be so fortunate? 

45 Record Blank File


45 Record File - full file with sketch lines and text


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  1. How cute is that. Thanks for share the file
    hugs Linda

  2. This is so cute, I wish I had time to play. Got to go pick beans, snap and can them today.

    Thank you for sharing. This will make an awesome BD card.

  3. This is seriously COOL!!! Thanks Love :)

  4. What a cute idea! Thank you so much for sharing this file with us.

  5. My mom is a collector of 45 records and will love this card. I'll make a "Just Because" card for her. How perfect is this! Thank you.

  6. This really brings back memories! Thanks, I'll enjoy using this file.

  7. I can't seem to download this file. Is it "expired" on GE.TT maybe? Might be something on my end. I click Download and nothing happens. Thanks!


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