Friday, August 23, 2013

Cool Dish-soap Bottle “Do-Over”

Oooh Ahhh!  This project is one that is sure to draw comments from guests and its also one which has my dear husband just shaking his head.  Not that he doesn’t do his own fair share of dishes around here but he doesn’t understand why a girl would want a designer dish soap bottle. 


Dishsoap Bottle Do-Over


A plastic dish soap container (I’m a Dawn-aholic myself)

A vinyl cut out of choice





Wash an empty dish soap container and lid. Removing the label can be not so much fun but there is a tutorial HERE or you might buy some Goo Gone and try that.  I used coconut oil and cornstarch and dawn in a paste and it took a few trys but I eventually got it.  I think I would try to give it the good soak overnight next time.  I’m not very patient, I’ll admit. 

Once your container is clean and dry you may cut and apply the vinyl design of your choice (be sure to measure the work area you would like it to appear!)

At any rate, I think this will look cool filled with colored dish soap.  Ha, could you see a Christmas cut in red with some green soap inside?  Is it coz a gal does a trillion dishes in her lifetime that a decorated bottle becomes a desirable thing?  Whats the strangest (useful) household item you’ve made over? 

Thanks for visiting!  Come again in 3 days and I’ll have another post and project up!

You can download the bike via my previous post or you can visit the original svg file on Wikimedia by clicking HERE.

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  1. Barb nice idea to brighten up a dreary job.Thanks for sharing.
    Blessing's Jocelan

  2. It's not strange to me at all; I save large food-safe plastic jugs and such full of water, for one item, because we lose the ability to have tap water when the power is out for extended periods of time during and after a hurricane. I am now marking those with potable water with red vinyl. The water that is for washing won't have the red label. I also am working on making a fairly good sized supply of dehydrated food to use in that extreme condition. It's a necessity, and I learned the hard way that we need several days at the least, and a few months worth at the most after a natural disaster. That doesn't mean I can't use designs that I am fond of, and I like your bike very much!

  3. I've not heard of using cornstarch in a cleaning solution, but baking soda is heavily in use at our house!


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