Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Photo - waves


Life is a wave,

which in no two consecutive moments of it's existence

is composed of the same particles.

- John Tyndall


Did you catch that? 

Life’s always changing.  You can’t stop the world around you from moving on so we really have no choice but to keep up with the times or we will get left behind. 

Some people ♥ waves, to them it means swimming or surfing, the ultimate challenge and they will travel far and wide to find “the perfect wave”.  To others, its a distraction and once they allow themselves to focus on them, they’re sunk. 

I like how waves make beaches brand new each morning. They draw debris and treasures up for display - a mosaic of new discovery each time, even if one walks every day.  They lull me with their rhythmic music.  They captivate me when they leap and lash in a storm.  They soothe me when they lap the pebbles over and over.  They bring sailboats gliding by like triangular butterfly wings. And, they tug me this way and that when I’m on my air mattress, which frankly gets annoying but I think it also makes me not spend more time in the water than I really should be.

But an interesting concept, a wave… when one “starts” one, it can be the beginning of something that goes on and on.  We all have the power of that.  We can be a wave of (hopefully POSITIVE) change! 

A friend of mine is a recording artist and her song is about this very thing.  One day in the not so far future, when her album comes out I’ll remember this post and think of waves when she sings “Be The Change” 

What would YOU do to “make a wave” in your circle of influence?

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  1. Beautiful Barb,thanks for sharing.
    Blessing's Jocelan


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