Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Textured Flower Card - cool card technique!

I’ve seen some “texture” creams in Scrapbook shops but it’s always either hit when I have no money or its too expensive for my budget so I decided to look for a (frugal) alternative on the net.  I came up with the option to try some spackle and here is my finished project:


5.5 x 4.25 card base


Supplies used:

Moon .sil file - Barb Derksen (free for you!)

Designer Paper - “Chiaro” from the Alla-Prima Collection

Clear Glitter


Template made from a cereal box




I trimmed the cardstock to fit the card base.  I then looked at the designer paper and found a partial blossom to match the pattern already on the paper.  I trimmed it out by hand using sharp scissors.  I set this aside.


My husband loves this cereal and so I wind up with quite a few boxes and I simply hate to throw them out because the pattern is perfect for a template.  I cut it flat around the design leaving some room around the pattern for my messiness Winking smile  - positioning it where the blossom would end.


Then I laid it on the designer paper and took some of this Dry Dex spackling and smoothed it over the leaves pattern using a spatula.  I kind of like this particular spackling as it goes on pink but dries white, this way I’m not tempted to play with it before it’s set.  I lifted the template off once I had the height and texture I wanted for the leaves. 


And once they were completely dry (I believe I even helped hurry this up with either my heat embossing gun or my hair dryer, lil Miss Impatiant Pants that I am)


So then I painted the leaves with my Pearlescent watercolors.  I bought mine at a scrapbook supply store but I have also seen them in Michaels too. 


Then added touches of paint to the blossom and  I drizzled some glue (the TomBow is nice and fine) on the cut out flower and then…


I sprinkled it with this fun glitter for interest.  I am a true glitter girl and I saw this just as I was leaving a shop and decided to take a chance on it.  The glitter was in larger bits than I’d generally consider but the price was right and I had my credit card along and… well!  I’ve since fallen in ♥ with it and have to stop myself from adding it to every little thing. 

I was happy with the way this project turned out.

Stay tuned and you will be treated to several more projects using both the spackling and the glitter!


  1. Cute card,thanks for sharing how you made it.
    Blessing's Jocelan

  2. Great project Barb and a great card too...!!

  3. Love those colours! Great explanation as to how you created your project too, Barb. Fab texture & I am sure whoever receives it will love it.
    Tine (Addie24)

  4. Interesting technique...using spackling. The texture came out great, too. (And I just bought some spackle to fix holes may not make it there!

  5. Good evening Barb:)
    I too LOVE the colors you used on your card! What neat ideas you come up with! Where there's a will...Barb will find a way!!:)Thanks for sharing your "How To" with us!

    Love and hugs,

  6. Very beautiful
    hugs Linda

  7. This was very cool to watch you put together sister, I love your mixed media projects.


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