Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random Photo - Fuzzy Wuzzy dines!




For this guy its a nice green leaf, for me…

It’s sour cream and onion chips (preferably Old Dutch - not ripple) and like my sister Nina even better if it comes in the cardboard box which has two separate bags in it. It’s the sweet and salty caramel bugles.  It’s Hawkins Cheesies (SO Canadian!) It’s Chapman’s ice cream, in the big square plastic pail (great for making artisan bread in five minutes a day) - vanilla, for I like to dress it up myself with Watkin’s Vanilla Nut extract and gummy bears etc.  It’s….

(sorry, wandering off to the kitchen and pantry…………)

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  1. Nummy? I was wondering if you looked at this dude and thought 'protein' but being as I did not see you slip this fuzzy wuzzy into your pocket when we were hiking all is good :).

    Old Dutch BBQ, from the box for the dual bags sure but mostly because the box has the orginal BBQ flavor where as the bags have Humpty Dumpty flavor... there is a science to Old Dutch snacks :).

    I want snacks now :(

  2. Good evening Barb.:)
    I must remember not to come to your blog just before bedtime..cause now I want snacks too.LOL
    I LOVE your photos.... and that you share them with us!! Thank you!



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