Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Birthday and A Burning....

This morning I got a call to say that "Somethings BURNING!!!"  so me and my friend Mel. O. jumped in her car (dressed in our Sunday best) and headed to town.

Being it's my Brother in Law Mike's  birthday being celebrated today, one might assume that this smoke could be rising from the candles on his cake...

THIS being the belated card he will be receiving as it somehow did not make it quite into the mail box... we will refrain from any finger pointing here (don't want to do things that might rattle Mike at his age, hehe!)  Oh and this card will be in the mail tomorrow - so hopefully it will look as good in real life.  We hope your celebration was a wonderful one! 

Back to the fire - now, it's not at this restaurant (I'm sure the owner is very relieved!) but I could not help take a photo of this - notice the name???  The fire is in the buildings two stores down. 

It amazes me that one day a place is fine, the next its tinder.  A reminder how fragile is the balance of our lives.  Coulda been me! 

The fire started before 9 this morning and it took out both the Dollar Store and also Osoyoos Christian Ministry Thrift Store.  My friends Iris and Abraham De Vries ran the thrift store and a dear friend also volunteered there for the past several months, putting many hours into re-organizing!  No insurance is the sad sad news.  

Both these stores were assets to the community and will be sorely missed.  The owners were all personable and generous.  At the dollar store they were always supportive of Operation Shoebox, giving a discount on items intended for Shoeboxes going to children in third world countries at Christmas - sometimes the ONLY gift these children might receive. 

Won't you pray for the owners and employees of these businesses, please? 

Because tomorrow, and for many days to come, its going to be very difficult for them.  Imagine if fire ripped through your work place - the ripples are felt all through our community. 

If you would like to leave a comment or prayer for my friends I'll certainly pass them along. 


  1. Awww Barb..such sad news.:( I sure will be praying for them.I know they are thinking right now...what are we going to do? God has a way of creating a blessing from a disaster though and not to lose hope!!:)
    Happy Belated Birthday to your BIL Mike!! Your card is so pretty and I am sure he will LOVE it!!:)
    I will be back to see your Mojo Monday card.:)

    Huge hugs and LOTS of love,

  2. I´m so sorry for those poor store owners! That´s so crushing to have something like that happen. I will keep them my prayers. Hopefully the community will come together and donate for them.
    Love the card you made. Happy belated birthday to your brother!


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