Monday, May 23, 2011

Mojo 192 - Weekend in Pics - Some Sun for YOU! (freebie)

Heavens - I thought last week was 192 but I see it was 191.  I'm out of sync.  Having a wonderful visit with my in-laws, terrific in fact!   Thus the lack of blog time - family 1st!   Speaking of family, I wanted to post WITH my sister today because that makes me happy but it turns out she's got other things cooking.  Ah well, perhaps next week. 

Here is my take - forgive the photos, taken with my iphone.

I don't know which designer papers these are - I do know thats a graphics fairy lilac and the baubles under the sentiment are both bits of jewelery I have picked up here and there.  The triangle and gold piece is an earring, the green beads from a necklace.  This is some of the ribbon I bought at the thrift store earlier this week - I used glue tape to run the mauve through the middle of the blue.  The scalloped edge of the paper called for my fiskars trimmer.  The sentiment is a stamp given to me by my friend Melanie O and the circle shapes cut out at my Sisters on her nifty little machine.  Sentiment embossed in gold tinsel.  

This week end in (iphone) pics:

Ah - SUNSHINE (Saturday)  Taking advantage of it.

First June Bug! 
I'm happy to see this little dude.

Garage Sales. 

I really REALLY wanted the Le Crueset pot (forefront) but resisted.  It was quite worn inside.  Since I've  gone through the Simplify Your Life workshop I'm resistant to collect clutter.  This said I did buy two new items at the yard sales.  One is a small ice cream maker (it has a cylander which you freeze, I had one before and loved it)  The second item is a rowing machine - a replacement for my old one which was falling apart.  Need this machine to work off all the wonderful food my Mother in Law is cooking up!

Num!  My Mr. cooks!

My Mr made these fabulous ravioli from scratch!  He filled them with a mixture of ground beef, mushrooms and boursin cheese.  Paired with cutlets Mom whipped up it was a memorable meal. 

Finally, here are some Sunshines for you - please use them as you wish. personal or commercial. It would be nice if you credit me when you use these in your kits and I'd LOVE to see how you use these in your kits or projects!    I created these from a drawing which one of my art students had in her sketchbook - turned them into line art.  About 5 inches in size, png format, 300 dpi.   Just right click on each to download.  Enjoy.


  1. You might just get a double comment sis, it gave me a error the first time. Love your card, tis fabulous. I wish I was tanning my limbs with you, this summer it will happen... :). Glad you are having a great visit with the Inlaws. Miles did good with the pasta. Thanks for the freebeeeee.

  2. These suns came at the right time. We just got back from vacation and they will work great with some of my layouts. Thank you! :0)

  3. Good evening Barb:)
    Your card is AWESOME!! LOVE it!:)I love the scallops you did at the bottom too!!!Really PRETTY!!
    Mile's ravioli looks so YUMMY..and your Mom's cutlets sound so good too.:)I'm not hungry at the moment.I made meatloaf with red potatoes etc for supper.Nothing like your delicious meal..but it worked for me.LOL I'm feeling much better now.:)
    So happy to read that you are having a great time with your family. I agree first!! Christy,Jimmy and I went shopping and out to lunch today.It was almost a computer free day. Need those once in a while.:)
    I haven't had time to start my mojo yet this week and Jim is off of work tomorrow.May have to wait until Thursday.Oh well..busy busy.:)
    Thanks so much for the ..I was gonna say "COOL" sun.LOL Love it!!
    Huge hugs my friend!!

  4. Oh how cute! Glad to hear you're enjoying the sunshine. It's getting warm here...into the 90s. I'm starting to brace for July & August...I think I'll stay inside all the time ;)

    Take care!


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