Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mojo 191 and My Oven ;)

It just feels wrong to not post the same time as my Sister Nina.  We've always posted together but with the days finding me industrious and with her keeping insisting I post and with my Mother in Law arriving tomorrow, well I'd better bite the bullet or I fear I may forget entirely.  Just know Sis, its wrong!  It won't be a habit I easily embrace. 

I really enjoyed this week's sketch - it had lots of parts but was easy to work with. 

Here is my take on this pattern:

The supplies I can name here are the stamp from Inkadinkadoo which I embossed using Versaink watermark pad and Silver Tinsel embossing powder.   I crinkled the black "ribbon" paper with a Fiskars crimper.  The scalloped circle was created on my sister Nina's machine when I visited earlier.  Not sure what papers I used.  The ribbon behind the Birthday Wishes sentiment came from the thrift store. 

Speaking of thrift store, I am really spoiled by the ladies there - they give me "bulk buy" on things because I'm a once a week regular there.  (I don't just buy stuff, I do leave things, especially now I've worked my way through the Simplify Your Life workshop) 
So my latest find is:

All of these - for $3!  No kidding!  You can't really see but there is even some sheer in there - something I've been wishing for. 

Lastly I want to share about my (very reluctant) oven cleaning experience.  I had a friend over just the other day and I told her in a very forward way that I was not, NEVER - EVER going to clean the oven.  I would do everything else in the house but was going to beg my Mr. to do that. If there was one and only one thing that I would ask him to help with to prepare for my MIL's visit, it was the oven. 

This was based on my last oven experience.  See, we like pizzas and pies and pizza pies in this household and they wreak havoc with my oven.  Yes, I do have an oven liner but it somehow permeates right through that I think ;) 

This said and stated, of course I wound up cleaning the oven, there was just no other way.  My Mr. is too busy and he also helped me teaching computer art class this past Friday, giving up 1/2 his own day, bless his heart.  I had him pick me up some oven cleaner and I prepped my nasal passages for the anticipated fumes and warmed up my arms for the 1/2 day upper body workout I knew was coming due to the baked on grime.  Sigh.

But, Mr. brought me home this:

Now I've been living in the dark ages because I had not used this cleaner before - last time I ventured into my oven it was with Easy Off but not this heavy duty stuff.  I know my sister told me about it at one point but it flew through the ear canals and departed.  Had I known!

BTW this is not for self cleaning ovens, which I don't have.  Okay, so I spay this in the oven the night before and ... no fumes!  Light lemon scent.  Hmmm, this is hopeful!  Go to bed, sleep - get up, pull on the yellow rubber gloves that tie me in nicely with the look of the can of cleaner - prep for a 1/2 day adventure with the brillo pad...

1/2 hour later its SPARKLING!  NO scrubbing! 

No kidding.  I was in shock and awe.  I am not paid or sponsored in any way by Easy Off - I only tell what I know and I know that Easy Off made my life easier.  So much easier that it gained me an extra 1/2 day in which I made my Mojo card in and got so much more done too.  I'll be cleaning my oven on a regular basis - with anticipation! 

Do you have an oven cleaning story? 


  1. Good afternoon Barb:)
    Your card is LOVELY!... and I am sooo happy you got such a deal on those beautiful ribbons!!:)I have been collecting ribbons lately too.Seems I use them a LOT since I started with you on Mojo Mondays.LOL
    I have a self cleaning I guess I can't use your Easy Off.:( I keep telling the oven to clean itself..but it is hard headed.LOL
    I am like you WERE...I don't do ovens!!hehe I bake a lot in the toaster oven and microwave...George Foreman grill and the bbq grill outdoors.Well..Jim does the outdoors bbq.Love those days!!:)

    Have a wonderful visit with your MIL..please tell her I said hi.:)


  2. You can come do my oven sis, I even have a can of Easy off with your name on it :), but no I will not ask you to do that. I will tackle that task this weekend, you have inspired me. Your card is fabulous, I love the colours. I will make something tonight. The one I started on Monday will just not do, Mike looks at my blog and he will see the card is for him. Not fair so I will start over tonight.
    Great deal on all that ribbon :)

  3. Your card turned out beautiful....i really liked the colors you chose.
    Glad Nina had pushed you to get your Mojo up althought i'm sure it was weird and hard not to follow your usual...but sometimes we just have to do it :)
    I dont have an oven story for you as have been lucky for last few years to have a self clean...although i am sure mom might have wished she heard about this stuff when they moved. I think she cleaned that oven for 2 days.
    Have a wonderful visit with your inlaws.

    Lots of love

  4. You've given me some motivation to get at my oven! Gotta get me some Easy off! Now, that dental cleaning and the eye doctor- yep, need to do both but am not feeling quite so motivated! i know I need bifocals! and I'm not ready to admit I need "grandma glasses" even if my eldest grandson did turn 7 yesterday.

  5. Super card, Thanks to easy off.


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