Monday, February 28, 2011

C'mon and Mojo Monday With Me - I'll teach you how to make a pretty flower!

I put the blinders on for the first hour of waking today - time out to craft for good behaviour, so to speak.  Mojo #180, nice round number. 

(visit Mojo to join in -

Hmmm, carding first thing in the morning and having to make a decision.  Alright, I'm up for a circle, even though I don't own any sort of a machine to cut out frilly edges like that.  Good old krinkly edge scissors for me.  Does this age me, dear?  The newer generation have all them fancy schmancy machines you just push a button and out comes a perfect scallopy edge cardstock.  Ah well, I'll have long, lithe, supple strong fingers while theirs will run to fat like little pork sausages (apologies to vegetarians) 

The little letters were from Fiskars, the "enjoy the journey" tag from Making Memories.  The rest were all gifts materials (they ignored the "don't feed the crafter sign hanging around my neck) from generous and thoughtful relatives. 

If you check the comments later chances are someone will volunteer they were the ones to give these supplies to me.  I'm certainly grateful and indebted.  :) 

I came up with a brilliant idea last week and simply had to try it.  I'm pretty happy with the results.  I created a "bow" or "flower" using a simple nylon scarf which I bought at the thrift store.  I've actually made two but will share the other in a day or two when my blog bin of interesting subjects has ran dry.  Might tempt you to come back and see!

And here's what the card and bow look like up close.  You know I like close - don't get TOO close or your retina will stick on the screen dear. 

I'm sort of chuffed about this!   I did not have the heart to tell the lady at the thrift store that I would be chopping this scarf up.  She kept on about how lovely it was etc.  She's not getting this card! 

My lovely Sister Nina made her Mojo out of some templates she used with her Cricut machine - I whipped up some png's and they worked like a dream!  I'm beyond puffing up here.   You also might find some nice cards at the other blogs of Judy and Samantha - what a crafty family we be!


Dreamy mashed cauliflower and cream chesse our daughter cooked up on Saturday night!


Brrrr - time for some warm sunshine around here I'd say.  Though I was very humbled by someone pointing out how nice we really have it compared to some places... like the little corner of the BC where Dave and Neti live, they say tomorrow they will have blizzard conditions! 


The Kodak company.  Truly exceptional, over the top, wonderful, professional service.  I'm a customer for life.  They've consistantly turned every unfortunate incident with my printer into a positive experience.  Besides that the ink is dirt cheap and does a beautiful job. 

Whats some LIKES, DISLIKES and IMPRESSED things in your life this week?


  1. Look at this long wonderful post. Your cards are beautiful, the flower is fabulous. I am more then happy to provide craft supplies when you use them so wonderfully if any of it actually came from me :).

  2. Aunty Barb!!!

    Where do i start with you?
    Your mojo card is beautiful and your scarf flower turned out i have said before you are so thrifty and so talented.

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments you leave on my blog. I couldn't be more happy then to have joined in on Mojo Monday with a bunch of wonderful ladies.

    In regards to your question about my card i punched my scallop out with a fiskar punch and the "wish" lettering is actually a metal piece....bought it. I have to admit i dont use my cricut that much as i dont have it always set up.

    Great big make my heart smile :)

  3. Good morning Barb:)
    Excuse me while I remove my retina from your screen.POP...there it comes.LOL
    LOVE your cards! How COOL!Oh..and your flower looks pretty too!! Great idea btw.:)Thank you for the "how to" video.You sure are putting more effort into your cards than I do.:)
    Hmmmm...that paper clip DOES look familiar.;)
    I cut out the circles the old fashioned way too AND I have a circle cutter thingy ..I forgot to use.LOL Bet I will this time around.LOL
    I have never tried mashed Cauliflower with Cream Cheese before.Will have to try it sometime.At my tend to look for things you have never tasted before.:hehe
    I LOVE your ice photo..but most of all..I LOVE that your subject is where you are and not where I am.LOL brrr
    Likes= Jim and I were able to go shopping etc on Wednesday without having to wear coats or was warm here.:)
    Dislikes=A cold front came in yesterday and we are running the heater now.:(
    Impressed= My Kids(Robby and Liz) had Lexi's birthday party at my home yesterday evening because of the thunderstorms(18 people all together)...and they (R and L) cleaned the house up before they left and Jim vacuumed before going to bed.:)YAY! I told them..your clean up your mess...and it worked!! LOL

    Huge hugs and Lots of love and sorry if I didn't leave any comment room for anyone else!!hehe


  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [02 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. Hello friend,
    Its 3am, I have a snorfed up cold & preggo insomnia tonight so I thought I'd stop by & peek at what you've been creating lately. Cute scarf flower!! Sorry its still chilly there. Lovely ice picture though. Its about -26 here tonight and the ice on the river is strong enough that semi trucks can drive across it on teh ice bridge all winter. BLAH!
    Hoping to have some wonderful news by next week. Say 'house selling' prayers for us.
    Time to try laying my snorfly head back down. Nighty night!


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