Monday, February 07, 2011

Wedding Anniversary, turning into a "Mojo Monster" and a FREE Little Something for YOU!

It was my hunny and I'se wedding anniversary this past weekend and we had a nice quiet, relaxing and romantic weekend.  My sweet husband made a card for me (got into all my supplies) bought me two pretty dresses, he cooked gourmet for me and we did go out for lunch one day as well.  I even curled my hair, put on fakery nails and tried a different style of makeup, so fun!  Not that this is confined to our anniversary weekend - my man makes many weekends special like this for me.   I'll have to share my gift to him in another blog post as he's taken it with him in our VW. 

Before I forget, C from Paris - I do not have an email for you so am leaving a message for you here.  You can send me an email at lalalime(at)hotmail{dot}com - brackets placed in my email address to foil the spammers.  I am looking for that Grunge element you spoke of - have to search back on my archives and hope to locate it and offer it again.  Thanks for asking!

So - I want to share a pretty layout made by my Sister in Law Judy.  She used my Vintage Love kit - I'll link below. 

Unfortunately Judy does not recall where she got the word art and I don't think the red rose was mine, unlss of course Judy re-colored it - could be (scratching my head..)  But I love it, thanks so much!  Judy has another beautiful layout, and probably a Mojo by the time you read this - click HERE if you'd like to check it out.

If you have made a layout or project using my products I'd love to showcase them here - just send me an email with a resized jpg (600 x 600) and I'll be delighted to post it. 

You can find my Vintage Love kit - and a whole lot of NEW love themed products from the talented designers at SBE by clicking HERE for the store in general and HERE for my kit in particular. 

And if you are adventurous - why not hop over to my friend Linda's blog - Bon Scrapetit, for some fun and a challenge.  Linda always has something free and pretty and right now she's got a contest on - you could win a $$ giftcard!  Tell her I sent you on over! Just click HERE.

Thank you to each of you who visited my Sister in Law Neti for the launch of her blog - and I'm writing to tell you that she has just posted a video of their trip home via the Roger's Pass.  They came awfully close to an avalanche - managing to get some dramatic photos!  Glad you are safe and sound.  Just click the NETI link in my Family group of links to the right. 

This next random pic is for my Sis, Nina haha (the one who turned me onto being a mojo-er, click her link under family in the sidebar)

Fat as little footballs, aren't they?

And now, its Mojo time.  You may have noticed I called this post "Mojo Monster" - thats because its got me!  I sorta look forward to Mondays now with glee (rubbing my hands)  and I also try to do several at once to save time.  Well, you see by the time I get the sketch figured out in my mind, get all the supplies out - why I figure I may as well do more than one.  But - I see I am allowed to enter the Mojo as many times as I like so I think I am going to spread my four cards out over the next couple of days so that I don't bore you to death here haha!   

And here is my first (of four) takes on Mojo - the rest to follow in the coming days!

Credits: Wordart and Vintage Image - TLC Creations
Versamark Watermark Stamp Pad & Stampendous Embossing Powder, Black

Various Supplies

And finally as promised - a little gift for you, created by my Mr. who spent some time showing me some magic in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop over the weekend.  Now THAT'S amore!

Personal Use


  1. Good evening Barb:)
    Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you had a GREAT time!! LOVE your pic and the FANTASTIC card you made.How COOL!! So happy you are having fun making them.:)I am still trying to get the dining table cleared so I can play too.:) It's been a really busy weekend and today..I tried to clean the house from being neglected for the weekend.:)Laundry too!!! Oh..and Mom came over for me to cut her hair.:) I am beginning to think life gets busier after fifty.hehe
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

    Huge hugs and Lots of love!

  2. Wow Aunty Barb that was a great post.

    your card looks and mom had me beat it's just about 7:30 and i havent even started or do i know what i'm doing.

    Glad to hear that you and Miles had a nice weekend.

    lots of love

  3. love the card Barb ..can't wait to see the other ones. I finally got my done only 3 not the 4 ...
    Yes Dave and Neti got some good pictures from that trip. Looks and sounds like you and Miles had agreat awesome romantic time ya both


  4. Bonjour Mrs Miles,
    First i wish to say that you and your husband are sincerely beautiful on this picture !
    From what you wrote, he really is so thoughtful and tender, moreover a good cook ! By chance, would he have an unattached brother ? ;)
    I'll come back to see your gift to him...
    About the grunge set, from my file, it was downloaded in November 2006, so i took the liberty to find it for you so you don't loose your time : you proposed it on November 28th 2006 and the matching "frosted flake frames" on November 30th 2006.
    Thank you ever so much for you kindness.
    I will send you an email.
    C from Paris :) ♥♥ (Mr and Mrs Miles)...
    PS The object will be the name of your (gorgeous) embellishment.

  5. :/ I forgot to ask you what was the name of the 2 footballs ? :D

  6. I love the picture of you and your husband, it is so sweet! It sounds like you had an amazing birthday weekend. I also love the idea of making several mojo cards at once, brilliant! And finally... your card it very unique as well, completely different from my "style" and I love it.

  7. I just love your card! You are the queen of the vintage look! I just need to take lessons from you. :) I love your blog. Congratulations on your anniversary. My DH and I just had ours on Jan 30. THe picture of you two is beautiful. Your smiles tell it all. Have a blessed day!

  8. Happy b'lated 'versary my friend! Sounds like you guys had a loverly lovey-dovey day together! Loves the fat quail pix. Its super-dee-dooper sunny up here this week...but cold. Our chinook is over and back to -20ish. Oh well. Praise God for Sunshine!

  9. Wow! i love that swirlie, Barb, you did a great job with it and thanks to Mr. Miles for showing you something new.

  10. Wow Sis what a post. Beautiful picture of you and Miles, I am glad that you had a wonderful weekend.I love you cards, nice talent :). I won't comment on the little balls of feathers (cough, feather in my throat :)).Thanks for the swirls.

  11. Great card! Love the colors. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday :)


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