Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Welcome Aboard our Blogging Sister in Law!

Congrats to Neti, our sister in law, who has started her first ever blog!  Neti has many talents too - amazing how our family is and married into a pretty talented bunch.  I helped make Neti's background and header, using KimB's lace on the top - its a commercial use product, very fine and you can find Kim's stuff HERE!  I'll tell ya, I've been using a lot of Kim's overlays etc in my projects and am only now realizing how gifted Kim is.  Thanks Kim.

With no further ado, here's a sneak of Neti's site and a link below.  Won't you go lavish her with some comment love to welcome her to blogging world?


  1. Good afternoon Barb:)
    You did an excellent job on your family's blogs!!! How sweet of you to do that for them.:) I agree... You have a very talented family!! Each one unique! Thanks so much for the links so we can be blessed!:)

    Huge hugs and love,

  2. Bonjour Mrs Miles,
    I can't leave a comment on your sister-in-law's blog, so please could you tell her this for me :
    "Welcome Netti ! You surely are in very good hands with 3 sisters-in-law supporting you !!
    Your apron is really original. I thought that the bottom part would be a very nice apron. Though i don't know to sew with a machine, i love to sew things by hand. As for fishing, i'll never understand how one can remain still for hours in front of a water spot without books or music. Then, the day i saw fishermen putting the fishes they just caught back to the water i thought of fainting !!
    I'm eager to see your other creations for the eyes'pleasure...
    Bien sincèrement.
    C from Paris :) ♥

  3. It's lovely when a friend/family member starts blogging too :)

    I wish her well!


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