Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Roooooolls around again so HERE'S my card(s)... ok, day by day! AND pretty Layouts using Vintage Loooooove!

Happy Valentines all!  I must confess that me and my Mr's "love day" is our anniversary, which was just a few weeks ago, so celebrating Valentines in our household would be a pale comparison - and pair that with the fact he works 12 hours that day and we decided it might be wiser to just let the world have your love day on your own :)  And I see you have all wonderfully celebrated - here are a few layouts you've made using my Vintage Love kit! 

CD Smith made this oh so pretty layout using my Glitter Hearts Elements! 

Thank you CD!  I snipped this from your blog - I tried to leave a comment but I kept getting kicked out.    I'm not sure what I was doing wrong, I am positive it was not your blog which was the problem but me and my fumbly old fingers.  Please, send me any layouts using my elements or kits and I'll be happy to feature them here.

Layout by (my SIL) Judy!

Now Judy has probably every single element and kit I've ever made in my life and I love how she uses all my new and old items to make such pretty layouts!  Thank you Judy, I love it!  Judy's got a mojo cooking today too - I'm sure it will be posted soon!

Layouts by Valinda

Boy, isn't Valinda's Mom so sweet in that pretty straw hat from my Artistic Kit?  I think I am going to have to put links directly to my kit in the sidebar soon, my fingers get weary of linking linking haha!  At any rate all my kits can be purchased under my name Barbara Derksen at the Scrapbook Elements Store - link in the sidebar.  My new Bold Blossoms are featured in the post before this one! 

Thank you talented ladies for contributing your gorgeous layouts to my blog gallery! 

Ok, and getting on with it (with a BIG push from my LITTLE sister... ) {ow!!! you're hurting me}  here is my first take on Mojo # 178, sketch first:

This card took me three hours this morning.  I got all ambitious about cutting the papers around the pre made hole in the card.  Hole on the opposite side of the sketch - I knew that but whatever.  Then, I was bound and determined to add those little hook things on somehow and then the staples did not want to go in the holes.  Picked my fingers and said some things I had to ask to be forgiven for.  then got all fiddley with the beads and charm.

Embossed round the edges of the wordart.  Both the wordart and clipart from TLC creations. 

Colored the little owl and pussycat too.  3 hours.  Ridiculous.

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  1. I think it turned out pretty good sis, love all the details. Well worth the 3 hrs.


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