Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mojo #177 - take THREE and a Pretty Recipe Card from Victoria!

Here is my third take on Mojo #177.  Another tea themed one.  I did not get a good photo of the inside but I stuck a gourmet teabag on the inside left of the card and accented it with one of the pretty green flowers.   First the sketch, then the card:

Credit:  Word Art by TLC Creations
Lace - a gift from Judy
Various papers and flowers from Nina.

I was out poking around with my camera today  and these are two photos from my little adventure: 

And here is a lip smackingly delicious recipe card that my CT Victoria made for me, using my Vintage Love Kit to share with you! 

Right click and choose "Save as"

Thanks, Victoria - looks Yummy!


  1. Beautiful card sis, love it. Zach is drooling over your photos. I have to agree with him.

  2. Your card turned out beautifully. You always have such unique ideas.
    I guess that is what makes you so unique :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  3. Good morning Barb:)
    I LOVE your pics!!Your ice pics are sooo COOL..literally!!:) We actually had snow last night won't stick around for long as the day heats up.:)
    Your card is soo PRETTY!!!!..and I LOVE that you added some tatting to it.That is such a personal touch and anyone who knows you will know that and appreciate it.:)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

    Huge hugs and LOTS of love!

  4. awesome pictures that with your new camera...girl you always get great photos. Love the card ....talent...talent..and more talent. Love what Victoria did with your kit ...a recipe card and awesome recipe...thanks for sharing.



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