Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mmmmm's and Mojo Monday - only a day late!

My Sweetie took me out for a bowl of Shanghai Won Ton soup today - besides the splendid sunshine today it warmed me through.  We were also treated to this side dish - in honour of the Chinese New year.  These are little balls of shredded Taro and sesame.  Delicious. 

And a day late but there you are - my Mojo card(s) for this week.  I can just never do one can I? 

And my take on it -



As you might notice - no stamps... on the OUTSIDE.  I am finding myself putting my stamps more on the inside for some cards.  How about you? 

Having a lovely visit with my "rellies" from South Western BC!  


  1. please oh please teach me how to do bows ...I can't make them ...boohoo...love your cards ..have fun with the rellies.
    Still trying to figure out that chat thing one day..


  2. Beautiful cards sis, I remember you say something about simple cards. My foot sister :).

  3. Good Afternoon Barb:)
    I am soo sorry to be sooo slow to get over here lately.Life has taken on speed and I can't seem to get caught back up.KWIM?:)
    Your cards are beautiful!!:)I had to whip one up in twenty minutes when we were invited to a birthday party at the last minute on Monday.Whew...too bad it wasn't a Christmas party..I have lots of those left over.LOL
    Gotta rush..still trying to get Robby's heater working.:)

    Huge hugs and lots of love,


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