Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baking, Baking and yes, More Mojo

Before I drive you crazy with another Mojo, I'll let you know that my day was not entirely spent making cards.  I was privileged to have my friend Rose come pass this gray day away - heavens, it could have been storming out and we would not have noticed.  We had a very productive time making bread.  Yes, I keep passing the bread making along - I wish I could see a map of how it is shared from one person to the next.   We baked up our version of the Artisan Bread in Five - only we altered it to incorporate some whole wheat,  molasses, raisins, flax seeds, nine grains and all sorts of goodness into it!  I had pre-made another batch before she arrived so she could see the whole process through.  Besides all these good ingredients I also substituted some nectar from home canned peaches (my Mr taking the actual peaches in his lil lunch kit - yes he carries a little lunch kit) and I also included quite a bit of grated fresh orange peel, a pinch of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. 

Oh, before I forget, I made this pizza for my Mr. on Friday night - again, using a whole wheat version of the Artisan Bread.  I could not decide which type of pizza he would have a hankering for so I made ... FOUR different sections to it:

Section 1: Butter Chicken and Asparagus with Havarti Cheese
Section 2: Pepperoni and Peppers with Pepper Jack Cheese
Section 3: Farmer Sausage with Mushrooms and a Mixture of 3 Cheeses
Section 4: Shrimp and Artichokes with Fresh Grated Parmesan and Asiago

Getting back to Rose and I, I  also helped her process a trillion photos of her recent family vacation so she could share them with family on the Internet.  While things were moving along I still managed to finish two more cards for Mojo.  Again, the sketch:

I decided to use a stamp this time as I have them!  I don't know who made the stamp.  The brads are from Michaels I believe.  The gems - believe it or not, they are actually for fingernails!  They are inexpensive and stick very well.  The bit of tinsel is from the drugstore sale last year after Easter!  I'm always tucking little bits of "nesting materials" away for days like today when I feel like playing. 

As you can see, I layered this circle flower thing up using various papers in complementary shades to the paper background.  I grunged it all up a bit with some Studio G pigment inks. 


  1. Very nice card sis. I believe that the stamp is GStudio. Brads were from the Dollar Giant :)

  2. Love the card. You have a gift, you know that, right?
    And the bread! I can almost smell it. Hmmmmmmmm

  3. Good morning Barb:)
    WOW!! You sure make baking look like fun!! That pizza is FANTASTIC!! Never thought to do one in four sections.Half and half..yes..but that sure is a great way for you to experiment!!:)
    LOVE your cards!! I never know what to expect when I come to your blog.You are so versatile.:) You make it look sooo easy..and believe me..sometimes it isn't.LOL

    Huge hugs and LOTS of love!

  4. I WON'T come back here for a while !
    I can smell this fresh baked sooo tempting (and frustrating) pizza at hand's reach... :( Happy husband !
    Bravo Barb !
    Your imagination is limitless above all when i read aalll the ingredients you put in your bread ! I would never have fancied this !
    I'll soon be looking up what "flax seeds" are.
    À bientôt.
    C from Paris :D ♥


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